What The Evil Within Needs to do to Rekindle True Survival-Horror

AusGamers explores the survival-horror genre and its decline in recent years to a more action-oriented style of game, and why that's wrong for it. We also talk about Shinji Mikami's The Evil Within and why it might help save survival-horror.

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CLOUD19831775d ago

Mikami know what hes doing I trust the guy if he said that hes going full for "true" survival horror experience then I believe him & that reassure me that this wont be RE4 all over again (more action-oriented, non stop shooting, almost no puzzles) now all I want to hear is a release day!

gantarat1775d ago

Resident Evil 4 is Action game But have Horror element

Haules1775d ago

No online MP/co-op of any kind
No over-the-shoulder view
No on-screen button prompts (Not QTEs, I mean the 'Press X to...' shite)
No pick-ups from dead enemies
No handholding (Enemies running towards you, then stopping a few feet away so you can headshot them (Like in RE4, 5 & 6), visual waypoints, etc.)
Be atmosphereic
Actually have tension
Be scary