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Pulling The Plug On Generation Zero

"First Drop is no longer affiliated with the “Pokemon Generation 0″ fan project and TBC. Here’s why."
IMO: You should not be spending donation money geared towards game development for food, alcohol, or RENT (PC, Pokemon Generation Zero)

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zeal0us  +   429d ago
This a good reason why not to donate directly to a developer.
ironfist92  +   428d ago
Kickstarter is safer

Sounds like he deserves to have legal action taken against him if he spends the donations on personal uses.
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jensen86  +   428d ago
as much as hes a prick for spending the money on hes personal life to cancel the project over its a even bigger kick in the teeth to the fans n even worse for those people that did invest money. some one else should take over or jus take the donation card off him n tell him he ows some serious hours to redeem him self
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xPhearR3dx  +   428d ago
The headline is misleading. This guy is shutting down the site and forums for the game. The person taking the donations (The accused of using them for personal use) is still developing the game.
jensen86  +   426d ago
i could be sounding dumb here because i dont no how sites are run. but he should of just let him have the sites just to not spite the fans. because hopefully he mite of spent the money but i still need this game. iv waited to long for a game like this n to be teazed im hoping it doesnt all fall apart now itd be a shame
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TwistedMetal  +   428d ago
i dont donate to anything because i dont want to be poor like some of you naive people.

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