A Slow Death for the Wii U?

It's been almost six months... hey do you remember the Wii U was released?

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yugovega1717d ago

more doom and gloom. us wiiu owners are loving the system. and as far as a price cut? it doesn't need one. you get a lot for the money and 300 isn't high at all for a next gen system. no one sees the ps4 or nextbox releasing anywhere close to that price. it's the same price as a vita is. and all the complaints about no Mario is stupid. if they had the new Mario was out these same sites would be screaming rehash! rehash! rehash!

shikamaroooo1717d ago

It's like the 3DS all over again, and now look at it, it's selling big time.

arbitor3651717d ago

you are incredibly delusional if you think that the wii u has any of the same market appeal as the 3DS.

nintendo's position in the console market is not comparable to their position in handheld market. the gamecube sold a little over 20 million units while the gameboy advance, at the same time, sold 90 million.

nirwanda1717d ago

@arbitor and the virtual boy sold badly and far worse than the gamecube so I can't see how you can say the Nintendo only has mass market appeal with handhelds.

It doesn't matter what you think of a console the reality is that consoles only have mass market appeal at certain price points, the wii proved that as have every console ever released when they have reached sub £150.

3-4-51717d ago

Doom & Gloom writers are the least intelligent of the "journalists". They aren't open minded and well they just spew whatever is popular to say so they can get hits.

They've been saying this about Nintendo since the N64.....probably even before.

Think of the 20 best Nintendo games ever made.

There are "writers" out there who consider those games Not Good or Bad, or they " don't get them" or whatever else it is.

You should have to qualify yearly, to gain a license to even write about video games.

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RobertofSweden1717d ago

Soo whats the problem then, if you get so much for the money?

yugovega1717d ago

the problem without a doubt is marketing. Nintendo only markets at Christmas. they decide it's the parents that make them the money and they buy around holidays. and as far as delayed games? 2. that's all that's been delayed. one is rayman which we got the challenge app that will be the games only selling point anyway for free until September, and the second is pikmin. and pikmin isn't a system seller. it's not like they delayed smash bros or Mario kart. they give most their love to 3ds because it's quicker to make games for it. you don't get the same value with Mario 3d as you do galaxy.

Parapraxis1717d ago

"the problem without a doubt is marketing."
Not at all, the problem is a lack of games.

jsslifelike1717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

There's no denying that the WiiU is in a precarious position. I bought mine at launch, really enjoyed it, then unhooked it to take to a friend's place and subsequently left it sit... until a few days ago. I finished the latter half of ZombiU and forgot HOW MUCH I LOVED A SECOND SCREEN. Splitting your concentration between them in addition to deliberate gameplay(a la Dark Souls) gives me hope for Nintendo's hardware. Actually, I DON'T WANT a lot of the third-party multiplats because there's no developer in their right mind that would(or should) really leverage the platform when it's easier to have vanilla parity between all systems. Give me indie/episodic games that really make the WiiU shine.

And, if you're bitching about having nothing to play on WiiU, try Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. I had over 500 hours on Tri and loved every minute of it. It'll last until the big N franchises land.

grassyknoll1717d ago

As a WiiU owner, I'm really not loving the system. Multiple delays of titles promised for the "launch window", expensive hardware relatively (I got mine in a HMV flash sale thankfully) & terrible, dated OS. I think it's gonna have great, original titles over it's lifetime: but recommend getting it at the end of the generation. Nintendo gives all it's love to the 3DS.

quantae061717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

@gammajooki I know! I'm enjoying my Wii U personally. I'm playing my Wii U games more then my PS3 games right now.

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arbitor3651717d ago

just in case people dont know the numbers, here they are

2013 (rounding to the nearest thousand)
week 1 -- 126K
week 2 -- 49K
week 3 -- 38K
week 4 -- 34K
week 5 -- 37K
week 6 -- 37K
week 7 -- 39K
week 8 -- 36K
week 9 -- 30K
week 10 -- 29K
week 11 -- 29K
week 12 -- 55K
week 13 -- 66K
week 14 -- 45K
week 15 -- 34K
week 16 -- 33K
week 17 -- 31K

lilbroRx1717d ago

I'm pretty sure there was only 1 month where the Wii U sold below 50k.

LOL_WUT1717d ago

With a price cut that number would definitely go up ;)

miyamoto1716d ago

hey arbitor, ever heard of the Ketchup Console?

IcyEyes1717d ago

The only games the Nintendo fans wants are Mario and Zelda.

Better if Nintendo will call the next console something like "Wii Mario" or "Wii Link" since Nintendo really need that guys to see more sales.

lilbroRx1717d ago

No, those are the only games that Nintendo bashers want them to want as Nintendo fans know that Mario and Zelda are only character that appear in game, not games themselves... The actual games with those characters are different the majority of the time.

What people who game on Nintendo consoles want are good games that are creative and original. Nintendo fans want things like Xenoblade, The Last Story, Bayonetta 2, Wonderful 101, and so on.

I've bought nearly every Nintendo console, but I never buy the Mario themed games and rarely any Zelda. Not that there are a quarter as many on the consoles as people who try to say that all Nintendo can sell claim to begin with. Last I checked, only 1 of the 3 top selling games on the Wii had Mario in the title and it was a racing game.

IcyEyes1717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

I agree with you, but there is a large crowd of people who are not like you and really, they buy the new Nintendo console only for 2/3 games (Mario related) and probably Nintendo need those gamers ...

Btw I always hope a new console will sold well .. but we need to face the Wii U have a not so good srart and the future don't look so bright (now)

Realplaya1717d ago

If Nintendo was as worried as people on this site would make us believe they are then why aren't they releasing a half finished mario 3d, Pikmin, Link as you called it, and any other 1st party IP. To be honest them not releasing there games is giving 3rd parties a chance to release something and not be overshadowed by Nintendo.

There are a lot of people on here who are bragging about getting the new system and they just recently bought the systems after price drops. If people think Sony and Microsoft are releasing systems with what they have inside for lower than the Wii U they have lost their damn minds. Sony can not afford to lose money this generation and lets not think they can.

Agent_hitman1717d ago

Inb4 they say that PS3 was doomed, but didn't happen.

Jek_Porkins1717d ago

Is six months a slow death now? I think the Wii U needs games, if they come out with their killer apps and it still doesn't sell, maybe we can talk about this in a couple of years.

Nintendo clearly wasn't ready for launch, they pushed back a lot of their games and the features promised weren't ready at the launch. The Wii U is a quality system though, and I believe we might see similar sales patterns for the next Xbox and PlayStation, great at first while the core gamer's buy them, then a slower burn.

Mark my words, people that bash the Wii U for a slow start, Karma is legit, what goes around comes around, and the game industry is a bit of a parody of itself.

JuleyJules1717d ago

i agree that people think the ps4/720 launches are going to be fantastic (which might happen) but that doesn't mean 2014 will be as smooth once the fans get their systems just as with wiiu. By then wiiu will be selling more and will be less expensive too.

Jek_Porkins1717d ago

Exactly, I'm sure the core will come out and buy the next Xbox and PlayStation during the holidays, but when 2014 rolls around and there is a laps in new games, we could see the same problem, we'll also see developers a little fearful to jump right into next gen with such a small install base to start with.

JuleyJules1717d ago

Jek_Porkins, There have already been a few developers say they are waiting to see how the launch goes for the other next-gen systems before they jump on board. We might see developers jump on board the wii u once it has a larger install base.

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