Tim Schafer: "Every Game We’ve Made at Double Fine has Made a Profit”

After wading through way too many questions and comments about hair and pancakes in the Tim Schafer IAmA on Reddit today (no one asked about him about being robbed in the Hottest Man in Games), I finally discovered some interesting pieces of information about video games, mostly involving his studio, Double Fine. - PSLS

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NYC_Gamer1679d ago

I'm happy he was able to get the rights for Brutal Legend away from EA

Foolsjoker1679d ago

Lucky for them, Jack Black just gets paid in doughnuts.

LOL_WUT1679d ago

Don't know whether to laugh or not... ;)

1678d ago
oof461678d ago

Preferably jelly doughnuts. No sprinkles.

TrendyGamers1678d ago

No sprinkles!?!? Those are the best.

TrendyGamers1679d ago

I never would have guessed Brutal Legend was their top seller.

UnHoly_One1678d ago

I never would have either, I thought that game was awful.

Not to mention they released a demo that was not at all representative of the game, since it contained none of the RTS stuff in it.

Also, another big difference between the demo and the full game....

The demo was funny.

Xof1679d ago

Good for them.

Larian Studio's made a little game called "Divine Divinity" nearly a decade ago. You may remember hearing that name somewhere. Odds are, it's from one of countless "Best games of all time," or "Best RPGs of all time" lists.

It was reviewed very well and sold very well.

And Larian?

They didn't get a single red cent in royalties.


But thanks to that, you can read some of the best explanations of why the publishing model sucks donkey ass on Swen Vincke's blog.

Y_52501678d ago

So is that related to the article? I got lost after "Good for them."

Canary1677d ago

It's not exactly Rocket Science.

Many developers don't make any profit off their games, even the ones that are well received critically, and sell well.

Honestly, I'm a little worried about you that you couldn't put that together.

Skate-AK1679d ago

And THQ still owes them money.

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The story is too old to be commented.