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Should players pre-order video games? [The Paranoid Gamer]

The concept of pre-orders was a solution to a problem, the problem being that shops could not keep up with demand for a product on release day due to its popularity. Thus Pre-orders came about, a practice which guaranteed the consumer a copy on launch day.

Pre-order numbers are good for the industry because it gives the developers and publishers an idea of the initial reaction to the game and how large production runs should be. They can also budget for how much marketing they’ll need based on early reactions and pre-orders. The retailer also benefits because they can be assured of minimum sales. But sadly, what should be a beneficial arrangement for all actually gives rise to certain questionable industry practices, specifically things like review embargoes. (3DS, PC, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

zeal0us  +   883d ago
Honestly given the way games get discounted I wouldn't pre-order a game but thats just me.

If you think that bonus mission, cutscene or item is worth then by all means go ahead and pre-order it
-GametimeUK-  +   883d ago
Screw pre ordering. I would rather make sure the game is good before buying or wait for a price drop. Then again there is no reason not to pre order the games I have blind faith in like Dark Souls 2.
lilbrat23  +   883d ago
The only place I pre-order is at Best buy because when you preorder and are part of the gamer club you get $20 back from the game.
toxic-inferno  +   883d ago
I used to preorder all the time, but then I got stung by Aliens: Colonial Marines, and will now be a lot more careful.

But in general, preordering games seems like a good idea. It supports the developer more, which is usually good. But it does annoy me when games have various preorder packages depending on where you buy them from, with the exclusive content remaining exclussive for several months.
Psychotica  +   883d ago
It can be good. Makes no sense to pre-order something months in advance though since your money is better in your pockets than theirs. I usually wait just before release to give myself time to research the game for indicators of crap.
Summons75  +   883d ago
Not really, having worked in games retail I know stores get an over abondance of titles unless they are less likely to sell. Ni no kuni shipped less at launch because stores didn't expect it to sell well. I didn't reserve and bought the last copy when the store opened that day. I'm also gonna make the exception for beyond to be sure I get the special edition bump up. Most cases like cod and GTA or halo you don't need to reserve because you know they'll have way more then they will ever need for the first couple weeks. Also with cod I've seen tons gets traded in day one when people have the realization they paid for the same exact thing they bought last year despite being warned by store employees.
stubbed_out  +   883d ago
I said to myself Aliens: Colonial Marines was the last time I'd ever do this.
However, when Rome II: Total War comes with a pre-order price of £26 (irrespective of the Greek bonus...it does have Spartans though),just couldn't help myself. If this game was made by any other developer I would've thought twice about it.
Kirnisorey  +   883d ago
The only time I've ever pre-ordered anything was Soul Sacrifice. Only because I wanted the bonus skins and spells, but I am glad I did because the GameStop in my area only had 4 copies on hand and they were preordered copies. Also I could not find the game anywhere else.
millzy102  +   883d ago
I've started to pre order games now because the amount of times I've been in GAME and they only have pre orders in is outrageous, GAME's stock is getting terrible. I pre order on amazon now because its no deposit, they take money out of my bank when dispatched and its at my house when I get back from work. you can't buy games more conveniently than that apart from download but I prefer physical copies.
PooEgg  +   883d ago
I used to pre-order everything, but now I wait. Nothing worse then pre-ordering a game, picking it up on day 1 and finding out the game simply isn't that good, then seeing it on sale soon after. Lesson learned.
trenso1  +   883d ago
if your really into the game or sure youre going to like then pre-order it i usually do for games im particularly fond of
xyxzor  +   883d ago
No point in pre-ordering unless it's for a niche title.
DEEBO  +   883d ago
pre-order's is a good way for company's to see how the sales are going to do on release day.and like the other guy just said.it can make a difference of you getting a copy on release day.they might just ship four to five copies of a game if the pre-orders are low but lol you can get burned and buy a crappy game( alien guy i'm talking to you)or it might going on sale two weeks after the game was release.happen to me 3 times this year.you just have to be smart with you're money&read reviews from gaming sites and customer's to see if the game is worth picking up.
EdgarOD  +   883d ago
Only time I pre-order is when 1) There is a limited or special edition of the game and 2) when I am confident I will like the game. Which I've been on a good steak so far.
Canary  +   882d ago
No. No. No. No.
Gigaguy777  +   882d ago
Far Cry 3 isn't always on-line....

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