How to fix Nintendo

The bad news keeps stacking up for Nintendo.

The Wii U console was greeted with yawns when it was released in November 2012. Sales numbers for the console look increasingly dire, and support from third-party software publishers seems to be wavering (EA's next-gen Frostbite graphics engine apparently doesn't even work on the Wii U). And now comes word that Nintendo won't have a formal press conference at this year's E3 show.

Is Nintendo's low profile at E3 a retreat, or a change in strategy? Whatever the answer, it seems perfectly indicative of Nintendo's current status: an enigma in the landscape of 2013 video gaming.

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Knight_Crawler1660d ago

Nintendo could have solved this 3rd party dilemma by simply buying out all of THQ's assets when it went on sale.

Can you imagine games like Saints Row, Dark Siders, Home Front and many more being Wii U exclusives.

BullyMangler1660d ago

how to fix nintendo? how to fix nintendo a snack or what ?

Kurt Russell1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Wait, w-what?

AngelicIceDiamond1660d ago

Gamers won't help Nintendo until they help themselves.

The gamers/fans can only do so much for them.

1659d ago
yugovega1659d ago

more opinions about how to fix something that isn't broken. it's like burger king telling mcdonalds how to run a burger business. best selling console, handheld, software company out there and they need to be fixed. wow fanboys run websites.

Hicken1659d ago

I think it's more about their decisions regarding the Wii U. And those decisions have been considerably shitty. The online still needs work- why the hell would you tie digital to the hardware and not the account you buy the software with? The hardware is underpowered- this MUST be compared to its competition, and there is simply NO arguing otherwise here. Already there seems to be a dearth of games coming out- it's getting towards summer, which is usually dry, but this has been going on for longer, and indicates poor planning ahead of the system's launch. There's an identity crisis with the thing, as it's currently not appealing to much of anybody, following its launch, and the general public still has the impression that it's a Wii Upgrade.

As for the 3DS, there was the attempt to sell it for WAY more than it was worth at launch, which didn't sit well, and led to the Ambassador program, which not everyone was happy with. The lack of a second stick, or circle pad, on the original model was just them being stubborn; they then continued that trend when they released the 3DSXL without it. Yeah, it's selling wonderfully, but it could be doing even better.

There's also the decision to not have an E3 presser, which just... I'm sorry, but given the aforementioned issues with the Wii U in particular, it was NOT a smart move. They need all the exposure they can get for it, and there's NO bigger place to get said exposure.

Oh, and while the Wii IS currently the best selling console of this generation, compare its current sales rate to the victors of previous generations at the transitional period. It's already not impressive right now, but that comparison makes the difference embarrassingly obvious.

... yeah, I'd say there are some things Nintendo could stand to fix.

brewin1659d ago

Yeah, cuz a dying companies franchises are going to save the legendary Nintendo... What the hell are you smokin there? This is funny to me. A bunch of series that sell so-so are exactly what Nintendo needs? Cuz Darksiders 2 did so good on the U already right?! You are out of touch...

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CouldHaveYelledUiiW1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

What are you talking about!
Jadedz, the 3DS can't play games!
-It's too busy printing money. ;)

Yeah, it's clear to me that many people don't understand the meaning of "mobile devices"

And another thing
Have you ever noticed that so many people who say that Nintendo games or "Mario" sucks,
ALWAYS want Nintendo to go Third Party?

"Intelligent" (bubble) to you Sir!

MasterCornholio1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Nintendo isnt broken it just has a couple of bad eggs that need to get terminated.

Klonopin1660d ago

Become a software company like Sega. Just kidding!

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