Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D - Direct-Feed Gameplay Videos

GameXplain: "We just got Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D in! Get a first-look at how it holds up on the Nintendo 3DS with our direct-feed gameplay videos!"

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Utalkin2me1808d ago

Thought it said 3d, i was kind of excited.

ZeroX98761808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

no shake to roll?
I`m buying this game day one!
what`s next, skyward sword with classic controls?!?!?!
not that I hat those games on their original system, just that I`m happy I can finally take my preference.

Maxned1807d ago

While I most certainly agree with the shake-to-do-everything control scheme being awful in Donkey Kong, I actually really enjoyed Skyward Sword's very precise motion control. That's just me though

Williamson1808d ago

Loved this game for the wii even though it was hard, never felt cheap to me. *SPOILERS*....well kind of, but I wish king k rool was in the game.