Bungie Updates Website With New Destiny Details

Bungie has started teasing out more information about it's upcoming multiplayer experience, Destiny. Today, the legendary developer updated its website with new story details that provide more texture to the new universe being woven.

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NYC_Gamer1843d ago

I really want Destiny to be epic and introduce console only gamers into MMOs

Knight_Crawler1843d ago

Bungie is like the village bicycle.

supraking9511843d ago

yup everyone has a turn cause how good they are in what they do. cant wait for Destiny, everyone will too once gameplay is revealed. Everyone screams they hate CoD yet they still buy it and ignore different shooter games like they will Destiny

Tatsuya 1843d ago

When this arrive next year, only then will I know what my Destiny truly is!

PhoenixRising371842d ago

the website is so cool! it mesmerized me.