Evil Geniuses Releases Greg "IdrA" Fields Due To Toxic Behavior

Evil Geniuses, due to some statements made by Greg “IdrA” Fields has chosen to release the player. IdrA played Terran in Brood War but played Zerg in Starcraft II. Though known for his macro abilities, he was known especially more so for his poor etiquette, such as bad mannering opponents, rage quitting and being incredibly vocal about the perceived imbalances within the game. Though Evil Geniuses was ready to tolerate his bluntness towards opponents, statements made about and to the Starcraft community at large forced their hand.

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Conquerbeard1510d ago

Wonder if he'll have to actually work for a living now?

RockmanII71510d ago

He made just over $8,000 last year through tournaments, a real job might be better for him.

InTheLab1510d ago

How would that look on his resume? "I got fired from videogames for throwing tantrums"

MooseyXTC1509d ago

That asshole had it coming.

GREW50ME1509d ago

Never heard of the guy, or the group he was let go from. I am guessing that he was a part of the professional gaming world. I have met a few pro gamers before. .. they are all shady double bags. Just saying.

ninjahunter1509d ago

Good player, anyone who snatches him up wont regret it. But they might want to buy him a leash.

mikedao1509d ago

At the end of the day, he'll get picked up by another team. His release is the biggest news in eSports right now, and whichever team picks him up next will get a lot of media attention and then become a direct competitor to EG. By all reports, Greg is a nice person in person, and does need some counseling. I am of the firm belief that everyone deserves a second chance. I sincerely hope that he manages to work through his issues and becomes a pillar of the community, and be a great example. He deserves another chance, but only one.

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