The Daily Five: Must Play Co-op Games

Stealthy Box writes "Games used to be played on a couch with your buddies or alone and they were great experiences. Today a lot of gamers lack the 'buddies on a couch' presence and instead opt for either a single-player, online competitive, or an online co-op experience. The great thing about co-op gaming is that it can take a mediocre game and make it enjoyable; better yet, it can take a good game and make it great."

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ApolloTheBoss1806d ago

Is Aliens: CM seriously in this article?

ziggurcat1806d ago

and yet portal isn't...

Fairchild Channel F1806d ago

I SO didn't want to give this site a hit but I just had to know. Yes, they actually put A:CM on their list.


jackwei221806d ago

I hope they mean Aliens: CM Bug Hunt DLC coop multiplayer as that should of been in the game in the first place instead of paying for it, but then again that game shouldn't be on the list.