Dragon's Crown Gets North American Box Art, Artbook Available with Preorders

A few days Atlus announced the Japanese box art and official artbook for Vanillaware's Dragon's Crown, and many wondered if the box would look the same in the west, or if western gamers would ever be able to get their paws on the artbook on this side of the ocean.

The answer is "yes" to both questions.

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kagon011445d ago

I hoping it has a single(local) player campaign...

Abriael1445d ago

yeah it definitely does.

blitz06231445d ago

This looks to be one of the preorder artbooks that I'd actually be interested in.

miyamoto1445d ago

did Atlus say Dragon's Crown has PSN digital download version?

FamilyGuy1444d ago

Damn, I really want to buy the retail version of this game and have the sweet looking box + art(plus I get a 10% discount because I work at the store) but if I buy the digital version I can game share it with my brother.

Hard decision :/

CalebZachary84111445d ago

Well, looks like I might be pre-ordering now...

ashiksorel1445d ago

I am big fan of 2D beat em up brawler games. Got Code of Princess the first day it came out and playing Vindictus now. Will most definitely get this and play the Sorceress.

Abriael1445d ago

Isn't Vindictus 3D? >_>

ashiksorel1445d ago

Yeah guess I should have been less specific by saying I like the Beat em up Dungeon Crawler Genre. 2D or 3D.

DivineAssault 1445d ago

ffffffyup.. I think i already pre ordered it but im going to double check to be sure now