Manhunt Stalking PSN Release Next Week, The Warriors Soon After

On May 14, Manhunt will become available for $9.99 when the PSN Store updates.

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Sandmano1681d ago

Hope this means there will be a manhunt 3

NastyLeftHook01681d ago

i really hope they made a manhunt 3. i would slap my neighbor outof happiness.

GodsHand1681d ago

HD Remake would have been better, imo.

Outsider-G1681d ago

Hope so as well. Until then, The Last Of Us will keep us busy.

Bathyj1681d ago

I'd take Manhunt 3 over GTAV to be honest but I dont think there ever will be, as much as I wish. Graphics are too good now, and a Manhunt 3 would be so gory and controversial.

I'd love to see an uncensored Manhunt 2 on PSN though. I think its time.

Dan501681d ago

PEGI would allow Manhunt 3, BBFC is no more since PEGI replaced them for game rating in the UK, no idea what the ESRb would do.

GuyThatPlaysGames1681d ago

I can't wait to buy both Manhunt and the Warriors. The Warriors is still one of my favorite games. I wore that damn game out lol. Still hoping for Manhunt 3 in the future **crosses fingers**

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Enemy1681d ago

The most violent game ever made, period.

caseh1681d ago

Warriooooooors, come out to playeeeeyyyyaaaaay!!

T21681d ago

A great movie and the game wasnt half bad , coulda survived with some tweaks I felt

Majin-vegeta1681d ago

Is this game any good??Never got to play it on PS2??

Bathyj1681d ago

Unrivaled atmosphere, brilliant voice acting (Brian Cox), disturbing subject matter (and brain matter), fantastic stealth gameplay and early use of cover mechanics, and like all R* games a touch of dark humour.

So yeah, its good. I will be getting this on PSN even though I still have a PS2 and Xbox version somewhere.

Skate-AK1681d ago

It's really brutal. You can castrate people with a sickle.

LOL_WUT1681d ago

They used to have for the psp in the PSN store don't know why they took it down. I still have my two copies I might buy it again. The warriors however I never owned definitely checking it out. ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.