Persona 4 Arena European Released Tomorrow - May 10th

Persona 4 Arena was first released in Japanese arcades back in March 2012, and it then went on to be released on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 in July. Following that it was released in America in August 2012, and now, nearly a year later, P4A is finally hitting European shores tomorrow, May 10th.

Despite the long wait, the European version doesn't come with any extra content, but for fans of the series, the games release alone should provide plenty of enjoyment.

Check out the video below for some initial impressions:

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majiebeast1682d ago

Ridiculous how long it took them to localize this and then region locking it on PS3. Ill give it a pass.

kagon011682d ago

Just wait till they lower the price or buy it used. Its very unfair what Atlus did to the European gamers...

tait2691682d ago

Played this today, quite jokes.

Pandacorn1682d ago

Really looking forward to this!

Optical_Matrix1682d ago

Took way too long to come out. They didn't even translate it into other European languages from what I hear. So they sat on the already localised English language version for 9 months smh