Relax, Star Wars Is In Good Hands "Recently we told you that EA acquired the video game license for the Star Wars franchise. While reactions have been mixed, I can't help but feel excited. While it's become "cool" to hate EA, you can't deny that they are a very capable company that just may make our dreams a reality."

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JDouglasGU1779d ago

If anyone can salvage 1313, it's Peter Moore.

Jek_Porkins1779d ago

Good developers, bad publisher. EA always wants to reach the highest level of potential buyers, which means their games are often dumbed down, and not faithful to the audience.

Bobby Kotex1779d ago

And eventually good developers become bad developers, i.e. Maxis.

Baka-akaB1779d ago

No it's not in good hands . I pexct the same , plenty of bad games , and a few occasional games ... with nickel dime dlc schemes on top as a side dish .

I certainly wasnt expecting to paying for a light saber color , and now i totally see it .

Oh well as long as EA doesnt get marvel too after the clusterf*ck that activision already is with it , i'm fine .

r40k2131778d ago

Agreed. IMO it WAS in good hands with Lucasarts but Disney had to go and shut them down.

Kal8531779d ago

You mean the same hands that made a mess of the Dragon Age and Mass Effect franchises? No, I don't think so.

PopRocks3591779d ago

Good hands, my ass. Developers sure, but with EA as the publisher? Forget it. The various IPs they've killed off are reason enough for skepticism.

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