New details of The Agency emerge

Sony Online Entertainment has said it wants newcomers to stand a chance against veterans in its MMO The Agency.

Speaking exclusively to Eurogamer MMO, lead designer and writer Matt Staroscik said the game was a shooter first and foremost, so would use skill to level the playing field rather than time invested.

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Skerj3226d ago

Those. ..aren't really new details but my interest in this game hasn't waned yet.

JoelR3226d ago

exactly... but it still sounds fun

now if it is a shooter and since it is crossplatform (pc + PS3) I wonder how they will balance that issue? PS3 only servers? or allow the use of keyboard and mouse?

Skerj3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

Not sure but how it worked in the past for action MMOs, even though everything you do is twitch based there is still a damage calculator in the background. I know the PS3 version will support KB and mouse if you want, but the did build it to work with a controller as well.

I'm also not clear on the future structure, but it would be very wise for them to have a single server for both platforms so the community is larger. I'll be picking up the PS3 version though just for the ease of being able to play it on my TV without me hooking my PC up to the DVI input every time.

Violater3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

Has it been confirmed Cross Platform?

That's the last I hear about it.

DemiseofPandas3226d ago

Last I heard they were having problems balancing cross platform play, which is perfectly understandable... so there is a chance that feature may not exist when shipped.

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thehitman3226d ago

Even though graphics come second to me the graphics on this game was to bad to even get out the good gameplay. I know its a mmo but cmon Sony you guys can do better than this I hope what I seen was a really immature version of this game and that its extremely more developed in more of its final stages.

Skerj3226d ago

Not sure which vids you've seen but check the ones from CES of this year, they were awesome.

iAmPS33226d ago

talking about more "beauty to the eyes" in games. This will deliver that, we will see a lot of hot chicks on sexy clothes.

Appeals more to me than this:

mullet3226d ago


meepmoopmeep3226d ago

i've been hyped for this game since it was introduced. i hope the beta testing will be soon and i hope i get in on it.

ianp6223226d ago

I'm glad it's more skill based. That means less grinding (or hopefully none at all) to get the interesting missions. I just hope the lag doesn't screw up the gunfights.

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