Call of Duty: Ghosts - six ways it should rewrite the rules

OXM - So long, Modern Warfare - there's a new generic balaclava-wearing white man in town, and at the time of writing he's a relative mystery. Save for platform details and vague promises of a new story and engine, Activision's surprisingly subtitled latest is a blank sheet, waiting to be doodled upon. Ladies and gentlemen, I have doodled. Check out the below list of suggestions, then chuck your own in the comments.

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mochachino1897d ago

COD is too entrenched to be the next big thing. It's gameplay is chained to its previous success.

In order for COD to "rewrite the rules" it would need to first fail, then be reborn.

Summons751897d ago

1-6 it won't because its the same game as last year, same multiplayer, and same poorly written story in a different middle eastern setting

elhebbo161897d ago

more freedom, don't constrain me to 4 walls (figuratively speaking).

josephayal1896d ago

call of meh! Call of Duty 4 is still the best CoD

1896d ago
Swiggins1896d ago

Definitely the best campaign, that's for damn sure. Blops 2 was definitely an improvement over the previous 4 tries though.

Agent_hitman1896d ago

Is this a sequel or prequel of MW series?.

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