Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Installed, Tested, Works Better

From Dvice:

"You might have heard that Microsoft rolled out the first service pack for Windows Vista yesterday, claiming to fix lots of bugs, make the operating system more secure and, well, we hoped maybe it could even cure all known diseases. Maybe we were too optimistic. We took Service Pack 1 (SP1) for a spin, and didn't notice a whole lot of difference. It's a 434.5MB download for the entire stand-alone installation, or you can wait for it to automatically update your current Vista operating system by simply doing nothing but having auto updates enabled."

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TriggerHappy3926d ago

For this story, I choose to believe bestbuy over the guy complaining.

LJWooly3926d ago

Does this work with the Home Basic version? I had to downgrade my Laptop to Basic due to lack of video card...

TriggerHappy3926d ago

I think it works with all versions but my advice would be to wait a day or two more before updating to see if it is really safe to update it.

LJWooly3926d ago

Good idea. +Bubble for you :)

ruibing3926d ago

It works for both my HP laptop and Dell desktop, both running Home Basic. Only thing that broke was the sound system on the laptop, so I had to reinstall the drivers.

Copying files is faster now, but I still get crashes from Windows Explorer once in awhile.

Shaka2K63926d ago

Typical microsuck product.

GETPWNT3926d ago

...says the moron using XP.

carl ps33926d ago

Im using a Apple you TWAT!!!

GETPWNT3926d ago

Is "a Apple" a new BRAND??????? :) U do realize Apple sucks, right? lol.

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pwnsause3926d ago

does it bring more compatibility?