Can the Wii U Survive without EA? Probably.


EA has pulled support from Nintendo in a major way. Crysis was canned. Battlefield is a no-show. EA Sports games are MIA for the first time in decades. Things have gotten so bad between EA and Nintendo that there are rumors that the two board of directors from both companies will not talk to each other.

Can any console survive without EA, the largest video game publisher, backing them? EA currently holds 22 active franchises in their grip, from Star Wars to Mass Effect to The Sims. That represents a large amount of gaming over the course of a full console generation.

Nintendo Hhs survived with weak Support in the past and there are plenty of reasons they will have a great games library this time around as well...

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NYC_Gamer1843d ago

The Wii U will survive but the software line up will look weaker compared to the other platforms

Menashe1843d ago

Other platforms won't have any Nintendo games. So, it really comes down to which types of games you prefer. Or there are those who like different systems for the different kinds of games they provide.

socks1843d ago

Just like the Gamecube, which everyone should remember, finished very poorly.

Minato-Namikaze1843d ago

Before the wii, nintendo was losing about half its user base each gen from the snes. The wii right now is an aberration on nintendo's console sales. The wii-u may or may not be on the path that would have followed the gamecube had nintendo not accidentally caught lightening in a bottle. Nintendo had the same franchise on the 64 and GC but it didnt help them all that much with the userbase so they are gonna need some 3rd pasrty support to remain viable in the home console industry.

zerocrossing1843d ago


People say that yet arguably the Gamecube had some of the best games available that gen.

LOL_WUT1843d ago

Nintendo needs EA not to survive as that's just silly ;) but rather to compete with the PS4 and the 720, regardless of what the diehards say. ;)

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zerocrossing1843d ago

I'm not buying EA games anymore anyway, name me just one franchise they haven't ruined yet...

Nevers0ft1843d ago

I don't think they "ruin" franchises, but they do milk them until the udders bleed.

zerocrossing1843d ago


I'm not liking the blood in my milk, if you get my meaning.

adorie1843d ago

Hey, NYC. Think an "epic" Zelda game could outsell a decent multiplatform offering by EA?

I want to say yes, but installbase has to climb for that to look more likely. :/

Neonridr1843d ago

At the rate EA buys up game studios the future answer to this question will be No.

While most of EA's offerings are mediocre at best, the mere fact that the library of games they would be providing will not be present on the system is a worry to anyone. The annual sports franchises pull in millions for the other companies, and games like the Mass Effect series and Battlefield games pull in large numbers.

I think it's a foolish mistake on EA's part to not support Nintendo because we all know the install base will significantly grow once the big first party titles show up. Nintendo moves hardware because people love to play the Nintendo games, nobody really buys a Nintendo system to they can play the newest Madden or Dead Space. But having those games would be a very nice addition to their library.

Once the Wii U install base gets over 10 million (which it will, don't kid yourself) it will be intersting to see what EA's stance on the Wii U will be, and if they suddenly decide that they are interested again.

If EA never does come back to Nintendo, then it could definitely hurt them in the long run, even with how greedy and sloppy EA as a whole is run.

Menashe1843d ago

Buying up studios isn't always the answer. It's hard to manage so many studios at once and keep them all profitable. The more studios they buy the more franchises they've been ruining. I think EA may have a big tumble soon.

adorie1843d ago

I think I read somewhere how Sony consolidated their studios because of similar issues.

Neonridr1843d ago

Absolutely. Smaller game studios get killed once they get bought by the larger conglomerates. Look at Rare when Microsoft took over ownership.

I don't know why I have so many disagrees to my previous statement. Perhaps people here disagree and think that EA is a great company? Or people here actually think that the Wii U won't sell more than 10 million units in its lifespan. I scratch my head at both of those answers.. oh N4G.

Sharius1843d ago

they disagree with you (not me) because EA is the software company they don't have to help nintendo sell their system, that Iwata's job

if one day WiiU manage to sell over 10 milions like you said then well, they will come back (maybe) because after all EA it's a 3rd party company, they will do wherever they feel can make them some benefit

right now? nope, it's doesnt worth time and money to port game to WiiU after all

Klad1842d ago

Its nothing to do with the amount of wii U's out there because EA are making games for the PS4 and Sony has not sold one PS4 yet!! They just dont like Nintendo right now, end of story...

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MilkMan1843d ago

Yes they could. But it would be nice to have some of their games on the WiiU. This focus on mobile gaming is a mistake. They should put those resources in WiiU development.
Even Activision is reserved to the whole In-App pay model.

If you thought DLC was rappage in your wallet....wait until you pay $99 real dollars for 1,300 Monopoly Hotel coins. Which by the way is an EA game.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1843d ago

Let's see,

Nintendo without EA is "Nintndo"-

I think it's still about the same. (jk)

Without EA Nintendo can survive but it is going to make their mission to rake in "cORE" players very difficult.

If they lose Sports games they will also lose "Casuals" too.

Nintendo really needs to develop a good relationship with 2K Sports to counteract this loss.

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