3 Features Call of Duty: Ghosts Simply Has to Have

Yesterday, FPS General ran a piece entitled 3 Features Battlefield 4 Simply Has to Have in which they speculated on a few things that DICE absolutely has to include in Battlefield 4 for it to be as awesome as everyone is expecting.

Today, they set our sights on Call of Duty: Ghosts and the team at Infinity Ward for the same treatment.

Call of Duty: Ghosts is making some bold claims so far and if the game is going to be half as good as the community expects it to be, there are a few things that Infinity Ward will need to include in the game.

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crazypenguin081773d ago

all solid things that ghosts needs, for sure. This is a great opportunity for them to shake some things up, they're not tied to the modern warfare games anymore so they have the pretext to change some stuff around. Remove one hit insta-kill knifes for example. there was rumor of sliding or peaking around corners, they can do that now. The sky's the limit, lets see some inactivation on a 'new' engine in this new generation. if not I can see it going the way of the dinosaur.

Majin-vegeta1773d ago

Why is it every time a list like this pops up.No one ever mentions "DEDICATED SERVERS"??

Naate1773d ago

I thought about Dedi's, but I feel like IW heard our message on those pretty damn loud with Modern Warfare 2 so I'm hoping they'll include those by default. At least on PC.

dazzrazz1773d ago

Because even at this point everybody knows its not gonna happen ? :P

Swiggins1773d ago

In my opinion, Dedicated servers are a must, I'm tired of the lag compensation they use thanks to the P2P connection.

That said, I hope they keep the Pick 10 system from Black Ops 2, which is easily the best create a class system I've seen in any shooter, it really does give you a great level of customization.

urwifeminder1773d ago

Great to see cod expanding into the afterlife with ghosts.

NarooN1773d ago

Lol! Plot twist already revealed!

KillrateOmega1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )


Nuff said.

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