Haze PS3 exclusive "for now", says Ubisoft

Ubisoft has told CVG that the official stance on Haze remains that it's exclusive to PS3 "for now", in response to recent reports that the FPS will never come to 360.

Stories on the 'net today report that unnamed Ubisoft spokespersons attending the Live event in Wembley Stadium, London, over the weekend confirmed that the nectar-fuelled shooter will only ever appear on PS3.

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TriggerHappy3923d ago

lol.. This again ? ...OK.For now, forever, timed, it will still launch on the PS3 first.

juandren3923d ago

They are obviously trying (desperately) to build hype around their product. They have to - what with it being about 5 months late and all

decapitator3923d ago

UBISOFT needs to make up their mind. Gamers are more interested about a launch date than indecisiveness about where it should be exclusive or not.

fjtorres3923d ago

They've recently said they saw little merit in FPS games (as compared to other genres) so it may be they're not sure about Haze itself being worthy of publishing. They're already too far gone on PS3 to stop that version, but odds are that if the game underperforms on PS3, they'll can it for 360 and PC, blaming the game for the failure.

Odds are, the game is going to have to get extraordinary reviews for them to sink money into the ports...

avacadosnorkel3923d ago

From the moment it was declared a PS3 exclusive and would never make it to the 360, the internet has attacked it. That has to hurt Ubisoft a little. But if they say it's coming to the the 360, then I bet it starts to get good press surrounding it.

kewlkat0073923d ago

so I will wait and see what happens.

I think Ubi is putting itself in a tough position bringing out this game amongst PS3's 3rd-party beasts.

Naturally, this game would do very well with the 360 crowd for obvious reasons. :-)

Good luck Ubi.

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The story is too old to be commented.