Opinion: How GAME Earned My Loyalty

HUGG writes:Has GAME turned a corner? Have they left their troubles behind them? We evaluate their transformation from struggling retailer to specialist success.
Loyalty to a retailer was a foreign concept to me. I was always the kind of person who liked to shop around for the best deal for my games. I would purchase from whoever was cheapest, even if it was by just a single penny.

Then something changed. I began to relate to a retailer, preferring them to their competition and it wasnt just because of their price point. This retailer was GAME.

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Nicaragua1750d ago

Game are just as full of shit as they ever were and they will not get a penny from me.

Honestly i look forward to them going to administration again soon.

sprinterboy1750d ago

GAME offered me £2.29 for BF3 today lol, apparently its this price because BF4 is out soon. Before I walked out the shop I mentioned BF4 is not out until Oct/Nov time thats real soon lol.

Fasttrack761750d ago

Went in my local one today,there prices are still so much higher then other computer game stores. At this rate there go under one day soon for sure...