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Submitted by sirkibble2 1008d ago | news

Insomniac's CEO says he'd "never want to make a licensed game"

Insomniac's CEO, Ted Price, doesn't want to make licensed games. Like, ever. He says they are creators. (EA, Insomniac Games, PS3, Ted Price, Xbox 360)

jerethdagryphon  +   1008d ago
so they dont want to do the ratchet and clank movie game...
Winter47th  +   1008d ago
Fuse is more generic than a licensed game, it's basically a re-skinned Gears of War.
SilentNegotiator  +   1008d ago
They know that; making a generic TPS is just CHEAPER than doing a licensed game.

Right, EA? Yeah, you! The guy crossing out the gun names!
Dirtnapstor  +   1008d ago
Better than Judgment. They should have left it in the Overstrike vein.
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yaz288  +   1008d ago
just knowing that its Insomniac + the 3 years development .. those were enough for me to give it a chance.

I hate that people are already judging this game and they didn't play it yet. I actually just played the demo and happy to tell that its actually super fun.. and that is what matter in the end. you should give it a try really.

I really hated it when they first announced it. first was the shock that they have changed the art style and then was the coop shit genric shooter thing. however after seeing some demos later I only had to try it to finally say this .. its AWESOME!
MaxXAttaxX  +   1008d ago
Played the demo last night.
To be honest, it was kind of generic. Everything was pretty standard.

There was a lot less shooting in the Overstrike trailer and more hand-to-hand. They described it as a Third-person Action game. Not a cover based nonstop third-person shooter like what it was become.

They tried giving the excuse that the art style and more comical direction of the game wouldn't work with the gameplay and weapons.
Which I call TOTAL BULL because Team Fortress 2 and Borderlands are cartoony and M Rated.
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THC CELL  +   1008d ago
Fuse sucks 3 min into demo it felt like a arcade version of gears
Hellsvacancy  +   1008d ago
I wasnt impressed either
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1008d ago
I honestly thought it was solid. Surprised me, in fact the game is heavily Co-op drop in and drop out teamwork based gameplay.

The weapons are pretty cool and unique to each character. And you can combine shots with team mates for big multiplier damage.

Its Mass Effect MP meets Borderlands in a way. Without BL's annoying clone characters. One per character with this game.

I'll probably pick it up just to play with friends. There hasn't been a Co-op based third person shooter like Fuse so far COD's old and boring so might as well pick this up to play with a party of 4 friends or just a party of randoms.

I can tell you right now the story will probably be generic and unispiring, but from the demo, the gameplay is solid fun. Might as well try it out.
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Tdmd  +   1008d ago
I actually liked the gameplay, but (Naya aside) hated the characters and their special abilities.
Majin-vegeta  +   1008d ago
Overstrike humor was better and seemed like a better game also.
ifritAlkhemyst  +   1008d ago
Insominiac is a bit like Rare imo. They had an entire gen where they made these novel platformers. After that they started pumping out generic shooters and uninspired pastiches of their former platformers.
HyperBear  +   1008d ago
I think Randy Pitchford should have a guy-to-guy chat with Ted Price....Show him the way Ted!
Williamson  +   1008d ago
So they would rather sell there souls to EA? They showed great creativity with spyro and R&C but nothing about fuse shows that.
abc1233  +   1008d ago
Watch the first Overstrike trailer, that looked much more impressive and more in-line with Insomniac.
Dirtnapstor  +   1008d ago
I think Insomniac had a good thing going with Overstrike. It got a lot of popular rise and then EA shook its finger towards the change. I don't believe for a second the transition to FUSE was an Insomniac decision.
I'm hoping they don't throw out the Overstrike style...use it for a PS4 IP.
abc1233  +   1008d ago
Overstrike trailer looked amazing, it had character. Fuse looks likes a completely generic meh game.
jagstatboy  +   1008d ago
Not interested in Fuse at all.
KontryBoy706  +   1008d ago
All the hot air they blew by leaving Sony beating on their chests shouting that they are independent and love the fact they are making multiplatform games... YET the Fuse demo was laaaaame!
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Unicron  +   1008d ago
Yeah, because wanting to actually own the IPs you create and have control over them is totally "hot air." Man what an immature group.
yewles1  +   1008d ago
Yeah, because changing the promising premise of Overstrike to the generic-ness of FUSE under the consistent reign of EA is complete proof of owning your IP...
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KontryBoy706  +   1008d ago
you should read yewles1's comment. He understood the meaning underneath my comment. Imsomniac left but are being controlled completely. They had more creative freedom with SONY
Unicron  +   1008d ago
Make another Ratchet. Make another Resistance. Make another Ratchet. That's freedom?
bluetoto  +   1007d ago
No, yewles comment is irrelevant as it's his opinion, not a fact. Just because he and other likeminded drones thought a 3 second clip of overstrike looked "promising" doesn't mean a thing. I thought it looked goofy and wonder who would like such crap, now I know.

I thought Overstrike was crap and didn't get interested until it was Fuse. Now what? What makes yewles opinion fact and mine not?

I don't know whom is worse, you drones or the them xbots, but between the two you guys are KILLING gaming. Wish you guys would just GTFO and find another hobby to complain about.

Maybe icefishing?
bluetoto  +   1007d ago
wow, you people are drones, repeating the same ol crap.

ot: played the demo for a bit last night and found it to be a solid tps, but a generic one. besides the weapons, I could have been playing binary domain or another cover based shooter.

Still a very solid game with good gameplay. Just liner with boring enemies. I just already own several that plays like it so to the bargain bin it shall go.

I don't care what art style they choose, going from cover to cover dispatching enemies gets boring after awhile, especially if the enemy types are boring, which they are.

But most of these people went into playing the demo with hate(if they even played it) for them "leaving" sony and not wanting to be bothered with another goofy ratchet game so it doesn't surprise me that it's "crap" to them.

truth be told, these are petty drones who are mad at Insomniac for wanting to OWN THEIR WORK. How'd you like it if you invented something and had to watch someone else get rich off of it or worse forced to put out sequels that you don't want to because it's profitable for your pub. That's time you could have been working on something YOU wanted to. but all you drones see is ratchet and want more ratchet, even though they are sick of him.
bunch of entitled nimrods if you ask me.

Maybe, just maybe, they didn't want to make another goofy game my 11 year cousin wouldn't want to play, and wanted to try their hands at something else more mature, despite your opinion of the game.
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