Undeniable Failure: An Open Letter To Microsoft On The Xbox 360 Dpad

Destructoid writes:

"Following our controller episode of RetroforceGO, I have received a surprising number of emails and messages regarding the Xbox 360 Dpad, and the countless mods, DIY fixes, and 3rd-party alternatives that exist to solve the problem. Shockingly enough, I've even heard from a few slobbering brain cancer victims who find nothing wrong with it.

Given the amount of feedback on this issue, I thought I'd take some time to address it further. Bear in mind that what you're about to read is not whining. Perhaps you mistake me for the average review reader. Instead, what lies after the jump is a wholly dissatisfied consumer -- someone who knows as much about gaming hardware as a good mechanic knows about internal combustion engines -- pointing a finger in the face of the big M and saying, "You f*cked up."

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ukilnme3895d ago

All of that because he does not like a controller. It's still subjective to me. WTF do I know, I've been lost ever since controllers moved past 3 buttons.

sonarus3895d ago

360 controller is pretty good but it has an ultra lame D-Pad. I have been saying this for yrs. I even have trouble with the dpad when weapon select is assigned to the d-pad. I suppose if you play 360 a lot you could get used to it, but i also have a perfectly good d pad in my dualshock 3. I don't use d pad unless absolutely necessary.

Mycococo3895d ago

thats what i was thinking. that article was long and it was all just a complaint about the d pad. some people just dont have anything better to do.

besides the new controllers d pads work better than the early controllers(there is more room for the d pad to move inside the ring around the d pad on the controller)

in the open zone there is a bunch of biatches hating on the 360 pad...IT REALLY IS THE BEST CONTROLLER AVAILABLE FOR ANY CONSOLE. PERIOD.

kewlkat0073895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

that's why the fighting games will go to my PS3. Damn controller.

Always hated that damn D-Pad and I love fighting games.

Too bad..Ms will not listen. Not getting my money in that Genre.

Lord Vader3895d ago

I agree. The Dpad sucks, but the rest of the controller is the most comfortable gaming controller Ive ever used, especially for shooters. I love my PS3, but I do not favor the PS3 controller, it is too small & gimpy feeling for me.

fenderputty3895d ago

I really don't notice that big of a difference. Except for the D-Pad. Still ... I use the D-Pad the least of all the buttons. I don't know ... I think people are a little picky sometimes.

sonarus3895d ago

i give 360 controller props on being comfortable. In the shooter and racing genre where you are essentially pushing very few buttons right trigger and analog stick all you need most times. But it looses that comfortable feel once the number of buttons increase. ps3 controller is however more balanced in this regard but 360 is far more comfortable in the area of racers and shooters and generally games with few buttons to push.

The d pad is almost unusable for me

jinn3895d ago

D pad is the only problem with the controller

iAmPS33895d ago

it's connected to the 360.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 33895d ago

...And the 360 was made by Mico$oft!!! ;-D

lawman11083895d ago

BEST controler for the best system. The only "D" pad are the douches on this site

Phil Harrison Mk43895d ago

Don't think so!!! ;-D
It looks horrible(like Billy Gate$!!!),
it feels horrible er
it is horrible!!! ;-D

Pain3895d ago

Or else they would have a Truly Great Controller.

Fact for the bots: M$ Remade the Big Ass controller in to controller S after they polled gamers with a BIG ass Survey on what the liked and didnt like about the DS2 that they wanted to Copy.

Everthying but the D-pad cuz kids need a a Halo FPS controller.

iAmPS33895d ago

Nazisoft has been hiding something big under their sleeves...
This might change the balance on the console war.

No device has ever suited its users mind abilities as this one:

PS3 be aware.

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ceedubya93895d ago

But everything else works just fine. Micro should just make a slightly tweeked version of the same controller with a better dpad.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 33895d ago

...This thing called a xBox 360?
Why does it have these features built in for? -
RRoD(Red Ring of Death)?
Noisy Fan?
Disc Scratching?
Old DVD drive?
+Cr*p Controllers?

djtek1843895d ago

Its called the Xbox 360 cause it actually does a 360. You buy it, you ship it to MS, MS ships it back.

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