‘Battlefield 4’ pre-order sales discussed by Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts, the company responsible for publishing the upcoming multiplatform video game, “Battlefield 4,” has provided some comments in regards to its pre-order sales.

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Trunkz Jr1961d ago

Pre-order sales: going extremely well.

Just saving everyone from having to open this article.

Soldierone1961d ago

Anytime EA talks about pre-order numbers its going to be "good" or better.

If a game isn't pre-ordering well, they simply never talk about it at all.

princejb1341961d ago

want this game on ps4 already
i hope its a full 64 player count on the maps
i would also like for them to fix bullet lag
i get so much of that on bf3 on my ps3

Hufandpuf1960d ago

I doubt 64 players on consoles again this time around. I just hope DICE releases it for the Xbox and the PS4

princejb1341960d ago

i actuallly thing is very possible on the ps4 with the current specs
one thing developers needed were ram to be able to have multiple players on one map
they now have that
the nextbox is still unknown on its specs so who knows

NegativeCreepWA1961d ago

I'm holding off until the next gen versions are announced, then I'll reserve it for which ever one I end up getting first, and that's only if they have 64 players, otherwise it's the PC for me.

V0LT1961d ago

I could care less.. As long as it remains on Origin I will have no part. I refuse to contribute to the success of Origin.

Axecution1961d ago

As much as i hate Origin and think the segmentation of PC games that it causes is awful, the Battlefield games are sort of an only exception for me.

bumnut1960d ago

The only thing I hate about origin is the price of the games.

PC games are meant to be cheaper because no royalties are paid to the platform owner.

Origin charges the same as consoles and pockets the royalties too.

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