5 Genesis Titles That Need To Be Revisited

The Sega Genesis had some classic titles that either never saw the light of day again or haven't seen it in forever. Nuclear Salad looks at five of those titles that deserve a little modern love.

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Snookies121960d ago

I hate that the Ecco creator's game on Kickstarter wasn't funded. :\

Grindlefly1960d ago

Road rash and mutant league football please :)

sullivansmith1960d ago

Oh, man, I loved BOTH of those game series. Road Rash 3D had one of the best soundtracks EVER.

yugovega1960d ago

nuclear strike, a true goldenaxe, altered beast, vectorman, and where is gauntlet at?

sullivansmith1959d ago

The point of the article was Genesis exclusive titles. Altered Beast and Vectorman definitely fit that but the rest.... Gauntlet? Nah.

BlackIceJoe1959d ago

I would love to see a new Oasis game. Sega really makes great games. The sad part is they don't sell that well. At least the ones I like.