Ubisoft: Incredible Haze Canadian GameStop-EB Program Nixed

Last week MTV Multiplayer read about an incredible offer for Ubisoft's upcoming PS3-exclusive first-person shooter Haze. According to a flyer, the Canadian branch of EB Games (GameStop) was offering gamers what amounted to a one-week rental.

The flyer reads: "PLAY HAZE FOR A WEEK: Pre-purchase Haze and get full in-store credit back when you trade Haze in within one week of pick-up!"

Was it real? Yes. Is it still being offered? A Ubisoft representative told MTV Multiplayer yesterday: no.

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avacadosnorkel3924d ago

They need to start a deal/offer like this for the 360.

That way at the end of the week kids can take the broken system they will have at that point back, and not lose money.

JoelR3924d ago

shouldn't your comment be more of an openzone fodder statement?

JoelR3924d ago

My feelings on this subject are well known from my blog post but again
Promos like this really are vampiric on the industry - they hurt the developer to much and I am glad to see publishers starting to get tough with retailers about it.

Keowrath3924d ago

Where's the dude who was saying that this was a very dirty trick by Ubi just to get the game to sell?

TheMART3924d ago

Joystick played Haze and this is what they said:

"With eight pods for the game set up in two groups of four, Ubisoft missed a trick by not linking them up to show off the much-anticipated co-op play. Instead, the company presented an underwhelming single-player demo which never managed to really amaze. With so much time out of the public eye and with a less-than-stellar last showing, Haze needed to impress.

We spent the majority of our time inside one of the game's vehicles, driving around some sparsely populated cavern environments whilst avoiding explosive mines and enemies. Using Nectar -- a drug ideally suited for this kind of trip -- we were able to see the mines more clearly, making them glow against the dull texture of the rocks.The environments didn't seem particularly inspired and boasted only a minimal level of destructibility. Knocking over fences (evil fences, possibly) was the best we could manage."

I may hope Sony didn't paid to much to get this one PS3 exclusive...

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