dtp Joins the List of Xbox 360 3rd Party Publishers

A few days ago Microsoft awarded Hamburg-based publisher dtp entertainment with the status of 3rd party publisher for Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft.

"This is a crucial step on our path to becoming a multi-platform publisher. Our first Xbox 360 title will be announced shortly", declared Markus Windelen, COO of dtp entertainment AG.

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TriggerHappy3926d ago

Whats dtp? What have they done in the past ? How is their gaming making record ?

chrizzl0r3926d ago

It's a popular german publisher that focuses mainly on adventures. Maybe, that's the kick-start for some point n' click adventures on the Xbox.

GunShotEddy3926d ago

Whoever they are, more games are never a bad thing. Variety si always nice. Hopefully they bring something new to the table since we have enough FPSs.

Excalibur3926d ago

never heard of any of those games but I agree
More variety in gaming is not a bad thing.

Qbanboi3926d ago

well, score for MS.

But, it's nothing big. Is Not like T2, Epic joined MS.

GunShotEddy3926d ago

"But, it's nothing big. Is Not like T2, Epic joined MS."

Both of the companies you named already make games for the Xbox 360.

BLaZiN PRopHeT3926d ago

isnt this old? they already signed a contract with MS months ago 2 release 2 RPGs exclusively on the 360. the first one coming sometime in 2009.