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Gaming's Middle Class is Dead: Here's Why That's Sad

Whatever happened to the games that live between something like Journey and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim? Do those games even exist anymore? CraveOnline examine. (Culture, Dev, Industry)

Foolsjoker  +   590d ago
RIP middleclass
knifefight  +   590d ago
Oh snap that means I am dead and didn't know it.

This is so 6th Sense.
TrendyGamers  +   590d ago
doctorstrange  +   590d ago
I see what you dead there.
jamz4  +   590d ago
I imagine most people won't spend £40 on a lesser product when there are enough top class games out there. You wouldn't pay £15k for a mondeo if ferraris were the same price
Wedge19  +   590d ago
Great piece. My wife and I actually have to budget my gaming in yo our monthly budget because they are so expensive. Though games do quickly go to deal pricing so that is re invigorating that middle class in a way
Hydralysk  +   590d ago
Isn't this exactly the situation that the major kickstarter projects are trying to resolve?

Project Eternity, Wasteland 2, Shadowrun Returns, Torment ect are all games that are made by experienced studios and are looking to provide much more content than a typical indie title can and yet are clearly not a AAA title in terms of production values. That sounds like mid-tier development to me.

I think the days of large publishers funding mid tier games are dead, at least for the moment, but I don't think that means mid tier development itself is dead.
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3-4-5  +   590d ago
My solution usually:

* Buy 1-2 games you really want that will last you a bit.

play those and wait until the other 4-5 games you want drop in price.

* Either trade in games or wait for a deal at Gamestop and get the games much cheaper only 1-2 months later.

Having a backlog helps with this. There are tons of 3DS games I'm going to want but don't have the money to get right now. So I'll play my DS games I've yet to beat in the mean time until those game prices drop or GS has a deal or trade in deal or I'll use a coupon from the powerup rewards or something.

If you plan around your purchases you can get amazing deals.

I saved $300 at GS last year using the Power up rewards thing.

I know GS isn't for everyone and some hate it but the option is out there to get games you know you want, for much cheaper, either used or new.
Mottsy  +   590d ago
It's true though, you don't see as many games today as you did back in the day. Publisher's are not taking gambles any more and just putting their money where it counts financially. I don't agree with the author that this is a good thing though. I enjoyed going into the game store and looking at the backs of all the cases, and finally picking one out I never played before; only to find I love it and it is a awesome game!
Now when I go to the game store I know exactly what I am in there for and if I do look around well I either heard of it already or just not interested.
ednorris  +   590d ago
The author isn't saying it's a good thing. He mentions it gets rid of a lot of the license tie-in crap, but overall this lack of a middle class diminishes fresh ideas and risks. So that's a bad thing.
Mottsy  +   589d ago
"I don’t miss the dump-truck loads of licensed games and genre clones that clogged up retail shelves during the N64 and PlayStation 2 eras." I should have rephrased, What I loved about the middle class, the author does not.
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