Selling games online is now Trademark Infringement according to NCSoft

It seems NCSoft is starting a new legal campaign against players and websites who are trying to sell or allow members to sell their MMORPG accounts by claiming anything they write online is now "trademark infringment" because they are using the game's name in their posts.

In this case the game is Wildstar and NCSoft is claiming the individual who posted about selling his Wildstar beta account is trademark infringing on the games name. The website is now facing legal actions because the words "WildStar" appear in the forum post the member made.

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Tsuru1841d ago

Why sigh? Good for them. They are trying to find a way around people breaking their agreement and getting them to stop the selling of MMO accounts. How is that a bad thing?

PurpHerbison1840d ago

The how am I going to make a living!?

Th3 Chr0nic1840d ago

cause a legal case like this can set a precedent that can be used in more than just a case like this. it could be used to claim copyright on any forum and bring them down for basically no reason

Agent_00_Revan1840d ago

More importantly, how will the economy of good farmers from of China and Korea survive?

iliimaster1840d ago

who cares? if they are that interested in your game u made aren't you doing something right?

Soldierone1840d ago

I bet if the people selling their accounts all turned around and went "hey since its your game, here is some of MY profits" There wouldn't be a single issue.

And before you start defending them, realize how this can get out of hand. Write Call of Duty and say you hate it, then Activision can sue you.

Tsuru1839d ago

Except they cant sue you because of your basic right for freedom of speech. forums have no such law.

Soldierone1839d ago

If you look closely, congress is actually trying to state your "basic rights" don't apply to the internet. In some instances several congressmen have stated that since the internet was made after that it needs "new laws" to guide it.

DarkBlood1840d ago

Thats the gaming world for ya

adorie1840d ago

Corporate world, is more like it.

JeepGamer1840d ago

Yeah no, you can't sell beta accounts for sure and you can be banned if you sell MMO game accounts in general.

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The story is too old to be commented.