As Vita languishes, why is Sony still gunning for indies?

Gamasutra: "With Sony predicting sales of 5 million for the Vita this year, you have to wonder whether the publisher's indie push is working. But Sony has a longer-term plan for indies."

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Kingthrash3601961d ago

nothing wrong with more games (indie or not). with the Vita's touch screen indie devs have plenty of options to make new different games. plus big company games take more to to make so a constant flow of indie games fit well with the plan sony has with indies on the vita. with PlayStation plus giving discounts on them (sometimes on day one) its good for all..... people complain the vita has no games, now the vita has too many games... seems to some the vita can never do well enough to satisfy them. to them I say enjoy your 3ds but dont try to downplay what the vita is doing... more games are better than less.......go vita