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Submitted by Lavalamp 1002d ago | news

Sony, Microsoft going 'heavily' on free-to-play next-gen, says Epic VP Rein

Sony and Microsoft are telling developers they're "going heavily" on free-to-play and in-app purchasing models with their next-gen consoles, according to Epic Games VP Mark Rein. Speaking in a roundtable discussion at the UK's Game Horizon conference, Rein said both companies will take on the kinds of financial models seen on mobile devices. (Industry, Mark Rein, Microsoft, Next-Gen, Sony)

yesmynameissumo  +   1002d ago
Sony's is actually F2P. Microsoft's is F2PayingGoldSubscribers. Let's be real.
Jek_Porkins  +   1002d ago
You can actually download games and demo's and things like that without being a Gold member, also, we're not sure about the pricing for any of the next generation of consoles online. So I'd hold my tongue a bit when it comes to bashing.

Still, I'd like to see a good mix of everything next gen, I have enjoyed some free to play games, but not as much as fuller retail releases.
jimbobwahey  +   1002d ago
Exactly, until Microsoft reveals the next Xbox and what their Xbox Live strategy will be, silly fanboy bashing such as yesmynameissumo's is foolish.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1002d ago
I knew MS was going F2P next gen. It's no surprise that Sony will as well.

Still waiting on Ascend New Gods (Anytime now)
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1002d ago
Either way when it comes to console games money grubbing will be worse than on pc.

Average joe Console gamer will change the world for the worse.

Can't wait to see what activition and EA does on console.

Planetside 2 and hawken are great though.
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DeadlyFire  +   1001d ago
So does this mean we could see many IPs having a free2play multiplayer mode? Similar to Uncharted 3 going free to play.

This to me spells Planetside 2 coming to PS4.

I see nothing wrong with free to play if the content has a value. I feel like many free to play games I sample have no value to them so I drop them after a week Unless I like them.
yesmynameissumo  +   1002d ago
What does downloading demos have to do with F2P games like Happy Wars only being free to Gold members? Oh, that's right...nothing. Set your blind defense to "low".
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from the beach  +   1002d ago
Mark Rein's comments refer to next gen.
yesmynameissumo  +   1002d ago
My comments refer to the Micorsoft's current implementation. Don't see it changing with next gen either.
from the beach  +   1002d ago
Me either, but Sony's might.
princejb134  +   1002d ago
I don't see MS changing their strategy either
Xboxlive has been successful for 2 gens, so why would they drop it and lose revenue
Knight_Crawler  +   1002d ago
Simple new gen means new fanbase.

The reason why MS got away with last gen was becuase of Sony messing up with the PS3 pricing and PSN not being up to par with Live.

Sony has learned its leasson wiht the PS4 and are offering a bunch of features like corss game chat and many more that surpass Live.

MS will have to offer allot more than what Sony is offering to justify $60 a year - if they dont they will loose a boat load of fans to SOny.
BLow  +   1002d ago

If you think MS is just going to give up a billion dollars a year then you're not really thinking things through. Apparently, people are willing to pay Live and MS knows this so they will continue to charge. I won't hold out for MS to announce free online play as long as people keep opening up their wallets.
princejb134  +   1002d ago

I disagree
MS got away with it with the original Xbox where they had millions subscribers
And only added millions more on the 360

In my opinion Psn and xlive were on par
I didn't need cross game chat and a few other gimmicks to make me pay 60 a year
Online to me is been able to just play online
Chatting and everything else is just a extra features
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nthstew  +   1002d ago
this not new for Sony, they already published F2p games like dust 514 or uncharted 3 multiplayer for free and also not forget about free games for PlayStation plus..
MasterCornholio  +   1002d ago
Well it will be free to play for Microsoft if they allow people to play the game online without XBOXgold otherwise i wouldnt consider it a F2P game with an xboxlive gold subscription attached to it.

For example: I can play DC Universe and Dust 514 for free on PSN with no subscriptions attached to it but if i wanted to do the same on XBOXlive....

Wait does the 360 have any FTP multiplayer games? because i cant find any.
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Eldyraen  +   1002d ago
Technically isn't Happy Wars or whatever ftp? I never tried it but think it was advertised as FTP when I saw its trailer once. Think Ascend was shown at the same time...

FTP equal to Sony's probably not though.
yesmynameissumo  +   1002d ago
F2P for Gold, 800 moon bucks for Silver.
Eldyraen  +   1002d ago
@yesmtnameissumo: thx, sounds about right as might had been free for gold. Not sure as I said.
Eldyraen  +   1002d ago
I'm not surprised if they do this, especially for certain game types. I liked the model for Guardians of Middle Earth (got it free from PS+ and ended up buying season pass and all other heroes thus far) and believe it was RAW that allowed you to purchase classes independently to play the full game.

Naturally MMOs and highly social games are ideal (both are already the "norm" for FTP model) but other games could profit from picking it up. Another option would be a lower price point for some games as no denying dlc is way too frequent and expensive for some games that "are not worth it" at times. I would be more prone to buy some of them if $10-20 cheaper and would buy dlc because of it.
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DeadlyFire  +   1001d ago
Well new game $60 + DLCx3($60). So your paying $120 bucks typically!

Free to play could let you spend $5 bucks here and there are semi cool items and missions and whatnot. You would ideally spend less, but in general more people are willing to put down a smaller amount of cash. Its the prime reason Cell phone games sell so well. As most are under $5. So the revenue would multiply.

Most developers don't see games themselves as being a platform to sell things to gamers. Free to Play makes them look at each game as a platform of its own. Valve is taking initiative with its community map pack DLC now featured for CS:GO. Taking player created levels and supporting game development inside the game. This is a big plus. More developers should consider looking into doing this with their titles.
pimpschitz  +   1002d ago
I've never played xbox live with my own console. It cost too much money to shell out cash for something that another console does for free anyway. Honestly, I miss having a PS, and will be getting one this next console battle. I've had several hardware crashes with my xbox, and haven't heard of a single one of my friends going through 5 PlayStations like my Xbox has. Meh, can't win. Honestly, more titles that I want to play are on PlayStation, and with Bungie going to both consoles what's the point? I'll be playing everything with free wifi capability and not breaking a sweat with how much it's costing me. I just hope that the console lives up to the DS4, because that controller is sick man.
pimpschitz  +   1002d ago
Aside from that, Fable 4 is gonna suck harder than 3 or 2 anyway. The best one was the first one and most of the games that I want to play are already on PS, without busting my balls in the process. I can live without Fable, but I can't live without Final Fantasy. Or Skyrim/Fallout (which is on both consoles anyway).
iamlegend9999  +   1002d ago
Yeah these PS3 fanboys talk to much shit. Was gonna switch but i'm not gonna turn into one of them.
BLow  +   1002d ago
So, you were going to switch really? And this article out of the trillion here on N4G made you rethink that. Hmmmm?!?!???!?? How does owning a console turn you into a fanboy. I say the more consoles you own the better because you get to enjoy more games. I thought it was all about the games...Right? You only turn into a fanboy if YOU choose to do so. Just a thought...
SpinalRemains  +   999d ago
So who's the fanboy? I would say it's the gamer who chooses to buy inferior product against his own best judgement due to other factors.

Cognitive Dissonance is strong with this one.
hellvaguy  +   999d ago
There's no "inferior" product. Those are the words of a true fanboy foaming at the mouth and rabid.

There's pros and cons to each console/pc, depending on what you like the best. The stereotypical fanboy will arrogantly boast of his systems pros and belittle others for not agreeing with him.
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mochachino  +   1002d ago
Free to Play only after you pay subscriber fees knowing MS, which technically isn't free at all.
MichaelLito79  +   1002d ago
I like the way gaming has evolved. A mix of everything is awesome.
D_RoyJenkins  +   1001d ago
Makes sense, a growing number of consumers aren't willing to pay $60 for a game. F2P with micro-transactions is a way to reel them in.
taquito  +   1000d ago
path of exile

planetside 2

blacklight retribution

team fortress 2


there are so many amazing free to play games on pc, hope my ps4 gets the same love!

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