PS4 and new Xbox will not harm disc based games sales claims Activision head

Ahead of the upcoming PS4 and new Xbox releases, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick has suggested that despite offering new ways for gamers to pay for content, next-gen consoles will not spell the end of physical disc sales.

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RuleofOne343 1928d ago

Maybe not early on , but before this Next Generation (8)cycle is over they will have something more evolved to help end the Second hand game issue. But for right now they will tolerate it .

HyperBear1928d ago

I think Bobby was mentioning the actual retail side of things, as in buying brand new games via physical disc based rather than digital distribution. This is good news, as I would rather purchase my video games and have the physical based medium instead.

For indie, free-to-play, episodic, and expansion packs, I'm fine with digitally downloading those.

Kurisu1928d ago

"For indie, free-to-play, episodic, and expansion packs, I'm fine with digitally downloading those."

Took the words right out of my mouth. If a game is available on disc and via digital distribution then I will always choose the disc option.

Persistantthug1928d ago

Yet here we are...GENERATION 8....and disk based AAA budget games are here once again.

Bottom line, as long as consoles need to be sold in stores then physical media will be present.

And if used games was as big of an issue as purported, then they would end it now, because they could if they wanted to. But obviously, that's not the case.

Jek_Porkins1928d ago

I don't think anyone expect physical media to go anywhere anytime soon, even physical media for music, television and movies is going strong. Even if the sales were split evenly, would companies want to cut half or even 25% of potential sales? Probably not.

Still good to hear though.

jay21928d ago

It won't from me, with this poo net connection anyway.