Players will have a "rough ride" with Fable 2 Achievements, says Molyneux


"Lionhead chief Peter Molyneux has hinted that making those Gamer Points in Fable 2 isn't going to be as cut and dry as many would like.

"They're going to have some rough rides with those Achievements," he said. "That's another currency that I can use to make you care. How much are you willing to push yourself and willing to sacrifice for Achievements?""

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iAmPS33923d ago

They don't want you to finish the game in 3 hours.

Cherchez La Ghost3923d ago

To give gamer's a real challenge.

truncheon3923d ago

I like to see devs moving beyond the simplicity of Good vs Evil to explore the many shades of gray in between. Its more like real life, and creates situations in which complex and interesting stories can unfold. Hopefully it won't degenerate into heavy-handed, contrived moral dilemmae.

Covenant3923d ago

Cool. I love a good Achievement challenge.

princejb1343923d ago

actually fable is a pretty long game with alot of things to do
and thats exactly i hate fable
gets boring after a while
theres not even alot of hype for this game compared to the other games