Why EA and Star Wars is the perfect match

There was much shaking of heads earlier this week as news filtered through about Disney agreeing a deal which would see EA release several Star Wars games over the coming years. "Oh great, another franchise for EA to ruin with yearly installments and microtransactions," was the cry heard around the world. But upon closer inspection, this could be the perfect match for Star Wars fans desperate to finally play good games.

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ZainabSaccal1894d ago

No way EA are terrible. Activision would have done a much better job with Star Wars games.

Majin-vegeta1894d ago

Wrong while both EA & Activision are scum companies.EA has Bioware under their belt.And they have more experience with Star Wars than Crapovision since they made KOTOR.

ZodTheRipper1894d ago

With EA, we can at least hope for Battlefront 3 from DICE or KOTOR 3 from Bioware.

guitarded771894d ago

NO... Activision is the WORST with licensed material. Say what you want about EA's business practices, but they have many talented development studios under their banner capable of making a great Star Wars game. I'm hope a new Battlefront finally happens, and 1313 continues development.

pierce1894d ago

Who can we get to make a new X-Wing game?? This NEEDS to be done!

aliengmr1894d ago

True, but highly unlikely.

At best we get a Rogue Squadron like game.

forum671894d ago

Sim city : Star wars edition !

pierce1894d ago

Does that include the always-online DRM?

But seriously, building my own city on Tatooine would be pretty awesome, I know exactly how to fix the traffic problems.

Hufandpuf1894d ago

I'd rather the Star Wars license go to a publisher with at least some experience and success in it. Battlefront 3/First Assault on the FB3 engine and KOTOR back with Bioware? What's not to be excited about?

RogueSmurf1894d ago

This whole DICE = Battlefront idea is so flawed its unbelievable that "journalists" think it's a given.

Firstly, EA won't have two games by the same developer competing against eachother for DLC and content space - that makes no sense.

Secondly, DICE said they don't want to be a "Battlefield factory," so they hardly want to go ahead and clone THEIR OWN GAME just because of similarities between the franchises.

Thirdly, Criterion Games have recently admitted they want to move AWAY from driving games - and they made BLACK before, which was a decent FPS.

DICE will stick to Battlefield or something COMPLETELY new, and Criterion Games, I believe, will take on a Battlefront/style project, since they're the ones asking for a new direction.

Really... seriously... think about it. EA pumping multi millions into one developer to make games that are tantamount to identical only with different skins is a retarded idea. They need to be different enough to coincide, not too similar that they compete with EA's own games.

So let's please just nip this dumb idea in the bud. It's not obvious, it's retarded.

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