PlayStation Plus: Good for Players, But is it Good for Developers?

It's been almost three years since Sony launched PlayStation Plus, a paid subscription program that will probably be looked back upon as the most transformative evolution in console business models this generation.

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Catoplepas1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

Of course it is. Surely that's obvious?

I doubt many developers are in the habit of signing up to detrimental promotions.

Edit - Rationality seems lost on some people.

Christopher1812d ago

I don't see how it's bad considering the mass majority of games have been released for longer than a year and game sales aren't really bringing them in much, if any, money. They use PS+ to highlight a sequel coming out to improve sales.

adorie1812d ago

Logic in this discussion is forbidden!

TheTwelve1812d ago

In a time where there are so many games that it's very difficult for any single one to maintain attention for very long, PS+ allows games we've all forgotten about to get some very good spotlight again.

I'm sure developers would prefer to get sales as well as a repeated spotlight, but that just isn't happening anyway so why not get what they could through PS+?


Gaming1011812d ago

No one seems to understand the business model of Playstation Plus. When you figure out how Sony creates promotions, how they get permission, how the pricing model works, and how companies get compensated, then you can criticize it. At this point, you have your head up your a$$ about Playstation Plus if you're really going to sit there and tell Sony they're hurting developers.

yesmynameissumo1812d ago

I haven't read a single developer complain about their games ending up on PS+. The service is fantastic and a true value add proposition.

NovusTerminus1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

Yes it is.

Think about this. BlazBlue is launching Chrono Phantasma later this year, so they give BB Continuum Shift Extend away for free which has both story modes in it. People will play that one, cause it is in fact free, then they might consider getting BB:CP.

It is kind of a free advertising method, inFAMOUS 2, Borderlands, Saints Row 2. Just before the next installment comes out you can get more people on the franchise in theory.

Other times they might have large sales, but after 6 months decide to give it away to increase "word of mouth" spread about the game.

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tonywood1812d ago

Sure.....its good for both developers and customers. PS plus only put out free games after they been out a while. Once sales slow, then PS plus members get a few bones tossed their way.

Everything else is just greedy crying.

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The story is too old to be commented.