Gamespot- Wolfenstein: The New Order Preview

GS:We analyze new Nazi technology, cavort with passionate resistance fighters, and take on hulking mechs in this in-depth hands-on preview.

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masa20091774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

I'm intrigued because it comes from former Starbreeze guys but no MP gives me second thoughts about the budget Beth is giving it.
Looks like they bought this small studio to take care of business with their secondary franchises, and hopefully bank on the couple creative twists they will manage to squeeze in on a modest budget.

thereapersson1774d ago

Way too many FPS titles with craptacularly generic multiplayer modes. Come to think if it, there are too many games in general with unnecessary multiplayer additions that most likely impacted the potential of the main game. Just think if all your assets were devoted to one aspect of the game, how great it would be. Retroactively, one should not include a single player mode if it is going to suffer at the prospect of a better multiplayer experience. Devote the time to both or separately (ala Starhawk).

DeadManMcCarthy1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

Return to Castle Wolfenstein was the first FPS I ever played on PC, way back in 2001. The multiplayer was good too. I hope this game doesn't fail.

bobtheimpaler1774d ago

I'm really looking forward to this. Starbreeze has an excellent track record when it comes to SP games. I doubt that they have shown us everything, so I'm sure the occult and the undead Nazis will show up later.

The fact that this game doesn't have MP is also what draws my interest. Hope they focus on a meaty campaign with a lot of replayability and not some online trudge that can be found in any other fps game out there.

Tatsuya 1774d ago

I'll be sold once I see some PS4 gameplay. It'll be interesting how the devs will utilise the touchpad for this.