Sony: "Unlike PS3, we are not planning a major loss to be incurred with the launch of PS4"

It sounds like PlayStation 4 has been and will be a more profitable piece of hardware for Sony than PlayStation 3.

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fsfsxii1961d ago

So they're going to sell the PS4 without a loss unlike the PS3 launch?? I heard the PS3 used to cost them 800$ to produce

nukeitall1961d ago

Are you sure about that?

PS Vita had a similar strategy, and it didn't pan out too well did it. Relatively high specs, and relatively high price. Now PS Vita is viewed as a dead platform.

Especially with Sony including 8GBs of GDDR5. I suspect the PS4 will be very expensive.

Ilovetheps41960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Nuke, I would disagree. They didn't have that high of a price for the Vita given hardware in the system. I think most people were pretty happy with the $250/$300 price tag. But, what I think hurt it were all the peripherals that were needed such as the expensive memory cards. Is it dead? I wouldn't say so. Is it selling less than Sony expected? It most likely is.

As for the PS4 price, I don't think GDDR5 is as expensive as you think it is. You have to remember that Sony will be buying bulk. I say the PS4 will carry a $400 or $450 price tag at launch. We'll find out.

SilentNegotiator1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )


HANDHELDS bomb at $250 price tags. Consoles can be as expensive as $600 and do fine. Look at Ps3; it was $599 and it never even had a SINGLE month as poor as any of Wii U's last 4. With Ps4's more unified structure and Blu-ray not being very expensive anymore, I don't think costs will be anywhere near as horrible as ps3's were.

And I think it's clear that Sony expects *a* loss. Just not a "major loss"

zeal0us1960d ago

Building that Cell processor and others parts in the PS3 probably was more expensive than what Sony paid Amd to build part for the PS4.

Regardless I hope the PS4 will be success for Sony. I hope the same for the Microsoft console and Nintendo as well.

Hydrolex1960d ago

The reason why PS3 cost that much was mainly the Blu-ray and the Cell...

Cell was useless... well not useless, it wasn't console friendly, that's why it ain't in PS4

I think PS4 is going to be 400 500max

Peppino71960d ago

Launch price will be $499.

Sykoticz1960d ago

@nukeitall "Especially with Sony including 8GBs of GDDR5. I suspect the PS4 will be very expensive."

8gb of GDDR5 isnt that expensive and the same with AMD they are alot cheaper then the likes of intel

sikbeta1960d ago

They better think about a subscription service like MS does or it'll be a tough sell...

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Jdoki1961d ago

I think the key thing here is the word 'major'. That implies that they will take some loss, but not significant amounts like they did with the PS3.
Otherwise they would have said 'hardware profitable from Day 1', or 'No loss on launch hardware'.

Really impressed with Sony's approach to PS4. Everything looks very good so far.

badz1491961d ago

dedicated bluray players are sold in the region of $1000. The PS3 cost a lot to make back then and even at $600 the loss was huge.

Now with the x86 based design, the PS4 is not only cheaper to make, it's cheaper to develop for too. I also think that the word "major" is the keyword here thus meaning that we might see a more affordable price from the get go which is more than what the PS4 need to succeed in this ever challenging market.

torchic1961d ago

they didn't say anything about not selling at a loss. they just won't lose as much money as they did with the PS3.

that's why we're getting fun goodies like free headset bundled with every console, a more expensive (I'm assuming) controller, etc.

Killzoner991960d ago

@ nukeitall So Vita is a dead platform now? Lol , okay sure troll.

Irishguy951960d ago

It's not really, but like the's sorta on life support. That will change of course, along with the WiiU...when more well known games are released for it.

Eh as for the article, shoulda done that last gen too, they had a year on MS to get improved PC technology over them. There was no reason for the Cell it was just a huge unnecessary risk. I'm sure they realize that now and that 'games' are the only important factor when deciding to buy a console.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

"So they're going to sell the PS4 without a loss unlike the PS3 launch??"

Actually the title say major loss.

how much to make a custom tablet? Price might still be good.

Jamaicangmr1960d ago

"Unlike PS3, we are not planning A MAJOR LOSS to be incurred with the launch of PS4,"

Read the article first.

darx1960d ago

Nothing beats the Cell most powerful processor ever . Cant believe its not being used in PS4.

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mayberry1961d ago

good for Sony to do this, and good for gamers. I believe Sony will be even more generous with "indie" game developers that want to put games on the psn.

Dark_Overlord1961d ago

It paid off in the long run though, Blu-Ray beat HD-DVD to become the HD Disc based format, Sony make royalties off every Blu-Ray sold :)

(Yes I know Sony isn't the only member of the BDA, but my comment is in reference to just them)

Tultras1960d ago

Sony... is a member of the BDA if I remember.

They do earn royalties on it, but that didn't help them out of the extreme losses did it?

ShotisT1960d ago

Not to sound like an ass @Tultras, just correcting you. @Dark_Overload said Sony is a member of the BDA, he just said that their not the only member.

Tultras1960d ago

Oh, didn't see that part, no harm done.

I just gave my AS level physics exam today, and like any exam, you could imagine the flustered condition I am in.

eferreira1961d ago

Considering blu ray tech is extremely cheap now and they aren't using the cell. I can see the ps4 not selling at a high price

Zcarnut1961d ago

Exactly. Technology is one of the few things that tends to get cheaper over the years anyway.I remember my father buying our first VCR in the mid 80s.That bad boy cost $350.00 THEN.
Sony decision to go with the rack components??? Is a good one.

kneon1961d ago

$350?? I remember when they were more than double that price.

Fil1011961d ago

I remember watching "The omen" on betamax lol.

nunley331960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Yeah alot more than $350 and there was the top loader VCRS, It went right with the big console tv too lol.

Zcarnut1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Yeah it was a sleek,modern,front loader with stereo sound.Hitachi with a silly remote that doubled as the face buttons on the unit.It was like the remote was a game cartridge.Rectangular in shape with awful ergonomics. My Grandparents had a top loader.Dad wasnt about to drop hundreds more for a VCR like they did a few year prior.I think even at the "low" price of $350, it was a struggle to open his wallet LOL.

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SirBradders1961d ago

I'm getting sick of all these articles now just sell me the damn thing already!!!!