Watch_Dogs to Have 60 Licensed Vehicles

In an interview with Vg247 The upcoming action adventure game is set to have 60 licensed games which was relvealed today in an interview with Ubi Reflections studio boss Pauline Jacquey.

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WorldGamer1965d ago

Not a bad number, I wonder how this compares to GTA, tho I don't think GTA has real licensed cars.
It will be interesting to see how Watch Dogs turns out.

MariaHelFutura1965d ago

If you know alot about cars, not having licensed vehicles isn't a big deal in a game like GTA or Watchdogs. But it's nice for people who identify w/ the name before the actual vehicle itself.

maxgamehard1965d ago

There hasn't been anything yet confirming vehicle counts in GTA V but in GTA IV there were well over 80 vehicles.

Below is the list of the vehicles present in GTA IV.

Knowing Rockstar they will up the ante and bring more vehicles in GTA V.

Derekvinyard131965d ago

This is a waste of money, rockstar never has to pay car companies for the name and I still know what every car is suppose to be.

DoomeDx1965d ago

Thats what I love about GTA.
It has his own universe. And makes use of ''look-a-like'' ; company names.

Like Burger Shot = Burger King

ZBlacktt1964d ago

LOL, again Watch Dog is real life. Where GTA is a made up one. Time to step up to the new. It's like GTA was fun and cool.... back on the PS2.

jcnba281965d ago

Really want to see some driving gameplay.

A2X_1965d ago

There is a small bit of driving gameplay here, maybe you've missed it :
At 9:00

jay21965d ago

Not really sure what to say, Got the DEDSEC edtiction coming my way though

redmon891965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

there was a second version of the first watch dogs video where he got into a red car at the end and started driving away. the UK version of the watch dogs game demo

Hurricane43431965d ago

Thanks for the approvals, I appreciate it. I think that the number of cars is fine especially licensed ones making it feel even more immersive. If the driving is to ones liking and we can upgrade the cars to some extent it would be plenty enough for me.

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The story is too old to be commented.