Dear EA, please let John Carpenter make the Dead Space movie he so clearly wants to

John Carpenter, the man who brought us the horror classic The Thing and 80s action badassery with Escape From New York, has revealed his love of the Dead Space gaming franchise, and (excitingly) his desire to turn the games into a movie.

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wallis1956d ago

Prince of Darkness - epic.

In the mouth of madness - even better.

The thing - Holy shit nuts yes this idea is awesome. Why ISN'T John Carpenter making the Dead Space movie right fucking now!?

Ghosts of Mars - oh... that's why.

On a serious note I love this guy and he's insanely talented but somewhere, just as his AAA career was about to explode, he face planted so hard he actually moved our Earth into another dimension where Ice Cube's film career worked out. I'm torn between wanting him to kick ass "Escape from New York" style but I'm not sure I want to watch an old but well loved creative type fail at a modern resurrection...again.

Saying that a dead space movie is likely to have less effort put in it than a necrophiliac's pillow talk. If I'm going to watch a turd I'd rather it be a turd with character and respect for the franchise which is what even the worst of Carpenter's offerings would be. Outside of him I think studio exec's would probably just cast Timothy Olyphant as Isaac Clarke with a CGI Johnny Knoxville decapitated head sidekick and feature a necromorph invasion... of the space white house. And as stupid as that description sounds it's still not as stupid as the Doom movie's plot.

DaGR8JIBRALTAR1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

I agree... ea shouldn't even let him breathe on the script! he directed a lot of my favorite childhood movies,but somehow the guy turned into a hack...smh.

Volitiel1956d ago

Forget the movie! Why not have Carpenter write and direct the creative aspects of the next game in the series?

Good horror games need a compelling story and decent narrative to motivate the player to continue on through game. This is why I generally always favored the Silent Hill games over any in the survival-horror genre. But even that series is starting to lose focus and rely more on action with the more recent titles. I really liked the first Dead Space game, but lost interest mid-way through the second game, and never bothered with the third (after reading the reviews). If Carpenter handled the script writing, art & creative direction, and narrative direction of the next Dead Space game, not movie, he could breathe new life into this series and return the series to what made it great in the first game. Also, I think Carpenter will have much more creative freedom directing a next game than a movie because I can't imagine doing a live action Dead Space movie without spending some serious money in production, which will then lead to big budgets and film executives intruding on the creative direction of the movie <begin sarcasm> because that worked so well with the Doom movie. </end sarcasm>

Dms20121956d ago

With respect to Carpenter as he is one of my all time favorites, the genius of The Thing was also due to the efforts of Ron Bottin, the special fx guru. Without his vision of what the creature was to be the movie would have turned out a whole lot different.

Rhezin1955d ago

Agreed Bottin really made that movie great with the alien transformations. They tried to do it with CGI on the new "The Thng" but it didn't have the same effect. But Carpenters directing was spot on, the subtle yet creepy soundtrack, the angles he shot just fit the isolated setting perfectly.

And say what you want but I thought Ghost of Mars was good popcorn fun. May not be a good movie, but it was funny as hell.