The Photo-Realism Challenge: Polygons

In 3D gaming, polygons are everything. Much has changed since the early days of 3D gaming, but if you compare an early 3D game (like Doom) to a current game (like Crysis 3), the biggest difference you will see is the number of polygons on the screen.

In the early days of 3D gaming, increasing the number of polygons (called the “poly count”) was simply a matter of throwing more transistors on the GPU and ramping up the clock speed.

For awhile, this worked just fine, and we got games with higher and higher poly counts. But eventually, hardware designers hit a point of diminishing returns, and poly counts were unable to keep up with demand. So they started to get creative.

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Enemy1956d ago

Photorealism is boring. Good art direction is all I need.

MidnytRain1956d ago

It can't be BORING if it doesn't yet exist...

2pacalypsenow1956d ago

crysis Sun glare effect through the tree's is the closest I have seen in Real time