Why Meetings Suck writes:

Starting this week I'll be delivering my weekly column from the front lines. I'll be covering issues that matter to developers in language a little less than academic. If there's something we missed or some topic raging around the community you want to see covered, just write in and let us know.

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TrevorPhillips3532d ago

god i hate meetings when you sit down and talk about stuff and all that crap.

lalilulelo3531d ago

i dont give a crap if meeting sucks.

StarieMichie3531d ago

And then when you run out of coffee, and there's none left in the pot, and you want to go over there and make more, but your boss is giving you the evil eye, and you're like "zomg, I need coffee or I'll fall asleep with all this talking about the stuff and the crap".

BigKev453531d ago

....And talk about your firing Undercover brother.

The_Firestarter3531d ago

Everybody knows that meetings suck major ass, nothing new to be said.

three88bu3531d ago

I am much too busy to read the article atm. I am in a meeting to determine when the next meeting is.

iAmPS33531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

suck during Meetings, is that the same thing????

Mr Bubbles3531d ago

I don't think anyone on n4g really believes you know any girls.

iAmPS33531d ago


I heard they have long hair and wear skirts =D

Isn't that enough?

Mr Bubbles3531d ago

As long as you stay away from Scottish hippies, you'll be pretty safe with that definition!

glad to see you can take a harmless joke. cheers!

iAmPS33531d ago

Scottish hippies????
LOL, that was a good one!!!!!

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