"The hardest part was my penis," says Dean Evans on making Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Dean Evans, creative director of off-the-wall 80s future throwback Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, enjoyed an equally as zany Reddit AMA yesterday whereupon he talked inspiration, his love for the 80s, and who would win a fight between the late Gary Coleman and a raccoon.

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Walker1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

Hardest of softest ! lol

Rhezin1566d ago

this guy needs to make a series or a sequel. LOVE the soundtrack, humor, and neon colors.

Christopher1566d ago

There was news recently that they're interested in doing a sequel to it, actually.

LOL_WUT1566d ago

Yep a full fledged game ;) very exciting

Irishguy951566d ago

No not at all...just insane

Tultras1566d ago

it's the insane ones who are the best at everything.

SephirothX211566d ago

such as killing large quantities of Jews

TheOneEyedHound1565d ago

Well atleast he was the best at killing jews.

limewax1566d ago

A lot of people make loose jokes when doing AMA's on Reddit, it's not really uncommon and it's just supposed to be a good laugh. To be honest I'm surprised anyone turned it into an article

KwietStorm1566d ago

Just had a family guy moment

Loki861565d ago

heh heh, long and hard.

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