Vita hardware and bundles go down in price on Amazon

Vita hardware has had a price trim on Amazon's UK site, possibly ahead of an official price cut, or just surfing on the tide of supply and demand.

The new offers see a basic WiFi Vita for £176 (down around £20 from last week), the 3G model for £179 and the CoD or AC3 bundle for £189.

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beakeroo11926d ago

Wow, even at 176 pound its still expensive compared to Australia. We can get a WiFi with Soul Sacrifice for $238 here which is roughly 155 pounds.

SirBradders1925d ago

If sony where smart they would drop Vitas to £100 shout about in every form of media and say it was exclusive for 2 months only, they may take a lose but im sure they would make up for it by also advertising along side it subscribe to PS+ now and receive x games for freeeee.

faysal1926d ago

if you want a vita get this bundle... you get the vita + soul sacrifice + fifa 13 and one month ps plus for only £180.

psp2roundup1925d ago

The 3G model went straight back up to £199 after I wrote this, must have been a typo at Amazon, sorry about that.

Tidybrutes1925d ago

Had my house burgled and my ps vita stolen so hope they do drop the price as cant afford £200 at the moment... so gutted as had my pre order of soul sacrifice delivered but no console to play it on :(

abzdine1925d ago

sorry to hear and i hope for you Vita price will be cut at E3.

vikingland11925d ago

That's terrible thieves suck.

Baylex1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

You should have a freaking pitbull inside your house to teach those thieves!! Sorry to hear that...

beakeroo11924d ago

There are some very sad individuals on this site who vote down any post purely because it involves a system they don't like/can't afford. Who the f*** votes down someone who says they had their Vita stolen. That's beyond moronic, sad fanboi PoS.

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abzdine1925d ago

i bought mine around equivalent of 160£ in Denmark in November last year.

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