Top Five Gripes With Xbox LIVE

XBF worked with it's online community as well as that of GameFaqs to pick the top five things wrong with Xbox LIVE.

From the Article:
"Ask an Xbox gamer what their biggest gripe with the Xbox LIVE service is, and you'll get a wide variety of answers. Working with both the members of XBF and our friends over at, we've compiled a list of the top five things causing headaches for us on XBL. And trust us; there's a lot more than five things that make us want to pull our hair out..."

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Vash_The_Stampede3895d ago

"You can argue that XBL only costs 50 dollars a year while having your fanboy wars, but how much does it really cost?"

This is exactly how I felt when I was on LIVE.

Taxation without Representation

GunShotEddy3895d ago

like it says "nickel and diming". XBL definitely nickel and dimes it's members, but I don't think the service is that bad.

mikeslemonade3895d ago

No one says XBL sucks. It's just for some people $50 is not worth it. Think about when xbox goes to $199.99 and the xbl gold is stil $49.99. That's just rediculous to pay another 25% of what you already payed for a one year service.

LastDance3895d ago

last time i checked Xbox live was 120 here in australia.

THWIP3895d ago

Their #1 complaint, is something MS has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH. Racism and foul language are the fault of bad parenting and socialization...NOT an online gaming service. I suppose PC/PS3 online gamers NEVER hear such things. Riiiiiiight.

vgn243895d ago

It doesn't say they blame M$ for racist kids. If I'm reading the article correctly, it's a general list of complaints about XBL, not the parent company. And I can honestly say I don't hear it on PSN as much. I'm not running down XBL. Just stating it from my point of view.

BeaArthur3895d ago

TrapperDan is correct they are not blaming Microsoft for problem #1, they are saying that it is the biggest problem on xbox live. Personally I think #3 is the biggest problem, I can just mute the retards at any time. The biggest issue for me is the connection issues I experience when playing games sometimes. At least once per session while I am playing CoD 4 I see some guy who either runs twice as fast, kills you in one shot no matter where he shoots you or takes 2 clips to put down. I also agree with #4, I have owned my 360 for almost a year and a half and my PS3 for about a month or so and I already have about twice as many themes for the PS3. Why you ask; because they are free. I will admit that I like the 360 themes better but I am not paying for almost every theme. I know they give some away for free but they are usually promotional ones for movies that I don't care about.

kewlkat0073895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

or even out of 10mill+ user-base, how many use the "Free Network"?

The "commons problems" presents itself for any social site/network. No need to compare morons of all creed, that comes out the woodworks. You get that everywhere. People will always hide behind headsets/pc screens and say stupid sh^t.

Look at N4G for instance. We could compare it to "Beyond3d" and other sites where people can actually have intelligent convos about technology, back and fourth, without the fanboy BS.

I wish gamers were Banned from XBL for saying dumb sh^t. Like some suggest, get out the damn room or mute the headset, and let your PWNing do the talking. Here in the States do we have the power to suppress "FREEDOM OF SPEECH"?

I'm sure there are things MS can do, like how I've seen this site change, but it's very hard to suppress "Voice" communications. XBL is not perfect, but I hate how XBL is the "standard" for common "Human Stupidity/Ignorance", when all you have to do, is take a look outside and the world. PSN is a young network, I can't imagine how HOME will be.

Yes this is a serious issue on XBL amongst other things, regardless

Sir Ken Kutaragi 33895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

...Thought is was Perfect xBox LIVE???
Another xBot Lemming LIE!!! ;-D

iAmPS33895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

You took the words out of my mouth Sir Kutaragi.

Now the truth is finally arising and BOTS are seeing RabidKids LIVE as it really is.

Wait until they launch their "Home" rip-off, then is downhill all the way:

Kaz Hirai3895d ago

How quickly these PIGS have forgotten about Live's DISGUSTING performance over Xmas 2007!


spandexxking3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )


funny pic man! loving the sponsors

SeNiLe9113895d ago

I don't think this is that big of a deal. It's not a carnival that is in town for a week and your tickets become trash once they leave if you didn't use them all. New games, movies and other content come out all the time that you can buy or not. It's always there unlike a carnival that picks up and goes to another town.

The number two grip should have been the content you buy with the points no longer working offline or under another gamertag if you have upgraded your Xbox 360 or had to replace it with a new one. Really this should be number ONE!

P4KY B3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

"The number two grip should have been the content you buy with the points no longer working offline or under another gamertag if you have upgraded your Xbox 360 or had to replace it with a new one. Really this should be number ONE! "

Delete the file, then go to your download history and download it agian. Then it works. I've had to do it a few times.

KillJoi993895d ago

Ive been stuck with 50 points for quite a while now...Not too much you can do with those, so I gotta agree with #2.

GunShotEddy3895d ago

Is that Britney Spears? lol

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