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Submitted by Pozzle 1007d ago | news

DmC Posts “Solid Sales,” Monster Hunter 4 Is Capcom’s Next Big Game

Capcom say that they will heavily promote both Monster Hunter 4 and Lost Planet 3 in the domestic and overseas markets respectively. (3DS, DmC: Devil May Cry, Lost Planet 3, Monster Hunter 4, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

pierce  +   1007d ago
Monster Hunter 4 should do well, but I'm almost certain that Lost Planet 3 will bomb. And no mention of Remember Me? That will probably struggle as well.

Capcom have a rough year ahead of them.
kayoss  +   1007d ago
Every Monster Hunter games does well, MH4 is no exception. What im dissappointed by is that its not coming out for the PS Vita. I would think that Monster hunter started out on Sony and did very well on the PSP, you would think Capcom would want to release it for the PS vita. Sony need to take a proactive step to aquire MH4 for the PS Vita. Soul Sacrifice was able to help sell hardware when it was released in Japan. If Soul Sacrifice is any indication , if MH4 was released for the Vita, it should able to sell far better than Soul Sacrifice in terms of software and hardware.
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fermcr  +   1007d ago
Why doesn't Capcom make Monster Hunter 4 for a HD console? Does the IP belong to Nintendo ?
wishingW3L  +   1007d ago
I heard that they have a contract to make the franchise exclusive for a few years or something.
3-4-5  +   1007d ago
LP3 should have never been made.

LP2 should have never been made.

These are the types of games nobody wants or needs yet continue to be made.
klecser  +   1007d ago
Has any source confirmed that MH4 is coming to 3DS?

I'd be shocked if it didn't given how much support there was for 3U on 3DS/WiiU and the fact that people underestimated first printing and most places were backordered.
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Brucis  +   1007d ago
Type in 'MH4 Capcom', go to the official site. Look at the top right, there is the 3DS logo. I'd link it myself but N4G thinks the link is spam.
Eamon  +   1007d ago
It was first announced for the 3DS and there was a lot of anger due to the franchise's history on PSP.
raWfodog  +   1007d ago
I'm confused, I always thought that the 3DS was the development platform for Monster Hunter 4. What other platform did you think was getting it?

Dated: 9/12/2011

Or are you asking if's its coming to North America and/or Europe?
klecser  +   1007d ago
I'm new to MH. I knew MH3U is on 3DS. But I wasn't sure if 4 had been CONFIRMED to be on 3DS.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   1007d ago
I got DmC last tuesday it was pretty awesome.
DarkHeroZX  +   1007d ago
Lol, says no one anywhere.
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sashimi  +   1007d ago
what you talkin aboot its a critically acclaimed game /trollface
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   1007d ago
Lol I'm for sure the minorty on DmC look at my disagrees. But I don't mind the changes character or gameplay wise. I think its a damn good game.
darren_poolies  +   1007d ago
I don't understand why you have so many disagrees, I was a huge fan of the originals and I don't understand the hate for this game. Personally it is one of my favourite games of the year so far.
Sevir  +   1007d ago
Haha, the game sold 1.1 million in japan with Dragon's Dogma at 1.3 million in Japan according to
There Earning's report, along with the reported 300k - 500k it sold across the states and Eu/UK regions I'd say those are solid numbers while not making the initial sales target out of the gate... Which makes me happy, as the game is pretty awesome, and I certainly enjoyed it along with Vergil's DLC story.

I hope NT and Capcom does continue their partnership and pushes the game series on to Next Gen Systems. The Panta Rhei Engine looked impressive on the PS4 and NT now has great gameplay experience to go along with their story experience.

DmC:Devil May Cry should find some new life on the Next Gen Platforms, especially if it comes out very early in the life cycle when what permeates the software catalog predominantly for next gen consoles are cross gen ports and few first party exclusives and little Next gen specific titles.
BLow  +   1007d ago
Death, don't you know that if you like a game that most people hate on on this site then there must be something wrong with you. You have to ride the hate bandwagon like everyone else...haha. If YOU like the game then that's the only thing that matters.
Gohadouken  +   1007d ago
Oh but i can easily tell why i' among his disagrees , however petty i realise my reason is . I clearly remember him defending the game and talking trash pretty much as much as the anti DmC brigade .

And yet here i'm learning he didnt even purchase a game they defended with such energy at release ... but once it was in the bargain bin .
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HexxedAvenger  +   1007d ago
Wait does that mean that MH4 is coming stateside? O_O
Baka-akaB  +   1007d ago
"Capcom point to DmC Devil May Cry as a title that posted “solid sales” overseas—despite the fact that DmC didn’t meet initial expectations—and also point to Dragon’s Dogma as a game that has done well, particularly in Japan. DmC sales are at 1.1 million while Dragon’s Dogma is at 1.3 million."

Yeah right , except DmC's numbers are shipped and keeps fading instead of improving . Dogma's numbers are real and for a not high profile and new ip anyway .

Dmc's sales are far from solid , this is PR damage control , as expected
klecser  +   1007d ago
Interesting that you think 1 million units isn't solid. If it doesn't sell 5 or 10 its a failure, right?
DragonKnight  +   1007d ago
It's a failure when the publisher changes their sales expectations twice. 1 million isn't what they wanted and they are definitely spinning it with PR damage control. For a series like Devil May Cry, 1 million sales is death.
LordMe  +   1007d ago
The point of DmC was to hit a wider audience, but its sales are less the DMC4.

On another note, why is it MHF3 can sell 2mil in japan and never be considered for a port? Even a PSN release...
Baka-akaB  +   1007d ago
Besides it didnt even do a million yet , it's shipped . The actual purchases are way lower and consistantly have been since release . It didnt magically bump an additional 300-400k while still sinking in every sales list ...
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InTheLab  +   1007d ago
1m across 3 platforms IS A FAILURE FOR A HIGH PROFILE TITLE like DMC which usually does 4 or 5 million. DMC wont hit 1.5 million in it's lifetime.
dredgewalker  +   1007d ago
Is it a success? NOT IN A MILLION YEARS! I love the irony of that insult.
Baka-akaB  +   1007d ago
The irony is that it was them that kept posting such expectation for the game you know . They had clear 5 millions ambitions for the title , and then downgraded twice forecast in their official forecasts after the multiple controversity with fans .

I would expect at least numbers consistant with the rest of the franchise if people were satisfied with it . And well it's even not there .

And fyi i do consider dogma's numbers to be a great success (or MGS Rising's in the same genre as dmc) , even if i would hope better for a game i loved . So i dont even see the point of going there
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Root  +   1007d ago
So true

Capcom are doing what I expected them to

"No guys, what you talking about...nothing wrong here, nothing to see here"

They can't admit when they mess up....they are soooooo proud it's unreal
Sevir  +   1007d ago
PR talk? lol
I'm sure PR talk is the last thing Cap com's Shareholders want to hear. As I like to point out, gamers on this site suddenly become pros at everything but gaming when sales figures from companies get released.

The DMC has sold 1.1 million units in 1 region and 300k-500k across both Europe/United Kingdom and North America.

Your views expressed here on little old N4G and what ever other small game community does not represent the world. So lets keep that in mind.

Truth, DmC sold less than DMC4, but the market itself has changed from years ago, even MG Rising sold less and that's a more competent hack and slash game if we listen to people on N4G. We need no more proof that the market for H&S has trunk and interest is low because fps has generally become the popular brand of games that sell, just look at mega blockbuster GOW:Ascension not selling anywhere near what GOW3 sold released in the same month 3 years prior.

Try to blame the poor performance for a franchise that sold the most during its hay day on PS2 on fan out rage over character design, but even that didn't stop DMC4 fro, selling lower than the franchise high of DMC3 and its re-release DMC3:SE which posted 4.5 million sold.

The culprit is the the change in interest for games like this. DmC isn't a bad game, it sold Solid, not impressive numbers and in a market like this where even Kratos is selling significantly less than its previous outing 3 years ago its says something about the state of gaming as a whole.

The last DMC game that released on consoles outside of the HD remaster was DMC4 and that came out in 2008, the console market was a different place then, 5 years later and things simply won't replay the same way, Bayonnetta which fans bashed as Devil May Boobs at the time of its announcement in comparison to DMC4, also now hailed as the best HS game of this gen didn't even break 2 million and isn't even on the consoles that got it famous, due to the market shrinking and interest not being there. so again. Scream at the top of your lungs that DMC Failed because of Fan backlash, I'd say DMC4 failed because of that with the introduction of Nero over Dante and the endless backtracking and reused boss's encounters than a reboot to the franchise in a series that got stale in a struggling market 5 years after the last game on this current gen.
DragonKnight  +   1007d ago
Your entire post is negated by the fact that DMC4 was released at a time when all userbases were small and better games were out. You can try to defend the sh*tty game that is DmC all you want to, but facts are facts and it tanked worse than the WORST Devil May Cry game to ever exist. It tanked worse than the 2 worst DMC games ever. This isn't about the economy, it's not about the market, this is about a terrible game and arrogant developers/publishers having their arrogance come back to bite them in the a$$ just like the fans of Devil May Cry said it would.

If you want to like bad games, that's your business. Don't try to transfer that preference into some kind of positive light for a bad game. The fact is, Capcom knew it was going to tank and that's why they lowered their sales expectations twice.
DangerousDAN  +   1007d ago
^ that guy has serious anger issues.

How old are you Dragonknight?
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   1007d ago
Old enough to notice facts? I guarantee that if DMC and Devil May Cry 4 were to switch release dates, the gap in sales numbers would have been almost identical. Capcom did an unnecessary reboot which is why they are retreating to their fortress in Japan for development of future titles.

If you think Capcom thought DMC had "solid sales" then you might as well believe EA still values Dead Space as a franchise after announcing it's numbers.
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Gohadouken  +   1007d ago
Whatever floats your boat on the "denial" river
Sevir  +   1007d ago
Denial? lol you guys are cant be serious
What I speak is the facts, its not an opinion. Its not a preference, DragonKnight. As I've said before the game sold less than they expected, but even after revising figures, the franchise still managed to sell 1.1 million in one region while coming up to about a half a million units in the west.

DMC4 came out 5 years ago. And only sold 2 million. Not even bayonnetta sold that much and that came out 6 months later than DMC4.

MG rising according to everyone here is a better game than DmC and it released a month after it. How much did that sell?

How much has God of War Ascension Sell, coming off the high of GOW3 3 years later in the same month?

If its not about the market and the general interest for the game then where are these hack and slash fans that came out in droves during the ps2 era that's buying these stellar games to appease them?

MG Rising still hasn't sold a million according to Konami and Platinum, Ninja Gaiden hasn't, we got 350k for the first month sales of Mega franchise God of War Ascension from NPD and all you have to tell me regarding The sales performance is vocal minority angry internet fans of DMC caused Capcom and NT to sell an estimated 1.6 million units of DmC across 3 regions...?

Maybe that same fan base also caused GOW:Ascension, And metal Gear Rising to sell less and not the general shrinking market for anything else that's not 3rd person or first person shooters /s.

Call DmC a bad game, and shout at the top of your lungs because the minority on the internet or the vocal majority on here will agree with your opinion, your view may have had a bigger say if both other establish hack and slash games performed way better all within the same month. metal Gear and GOW are big name brands and yet they performed poorly this year in the hack and slash market.

Please have a fucking seat, if DMC4 released this year instead of DmC it would have sold the same amount, keep kidding yourself, walk around on the net of N4G thinking its because of character redesign and a change in direction that caused a game to go from selling 4 million 8 years ago on PS2 to selling 1.6 today.

How moronic.
Gohadouken  +   1007d ago
Yep denial allright . You can beat you chest while calling other morons all you want . All of those recent release you mentione are already performing better than DmC in less times .

And actually MGR did break 1 millions , so did GOW Ascension so far . Ascension is obviously selling lower than most would expct , but it is likely to still perfomr well and way beyond whatever is expected of DMC .

PG , Konami and Kojima were actually very happy with sales the first week end of release of the game . A far cry from capcom constantly playing revised numbers and pr damage control .

You're the one shouting from your lungs here . The game bombed hard . Some others didnt , and some other did , doesnt absolve it from bombing had .

And no i didnt expect DmC4 numbers , we kept telling the game the way it was received looked and played wouldnt and it didnt . But let's not pretend capcom and fan of the game expected it to be that low .

We called eons ago , your lame excuses and spin twisting as soon as the news of the flop would reach , and you guys arent dissapointing .

It's a fact , the game went from being the second selling hack and slash franchise , to dead last (or to be fair only in front of Ninja gaiden 3) . Shrinking sales or not , it should have retained its spot in the fold and didnt in the least .

Dont expect me to come back as usual , it will just turn into further name calling and wont make us agree in the least . See ya
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MikeMyers  +   1007d ago
Terrible games don't have an average of 86%, DMC is actually a fun game if people give it a chance.

Resistance 3 is actually a good game too but sales were very low so I wouldn't think that game was terrible either. Sales don't always depict how good a game is. Many people on here will say GT is better than Forza, reviews suggest it isn't, sales do. So there is no guideline to what's the best game. Otherwise Call of Duty is the best game.

There are many reasons for why a game doesn't sell well. Timing, fanbase, marketing, bored of the ip, consumer trust and so on.
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DragonKnight  +   1007d ago
"DmC Posts “Solid Sales,”

Yeah, after you lowered your expectations of it twice. This is Capcom trying to save face when everyone knows DmC tanked.
ZombieKiller  +   1007d ago
I agree. how are solid sales a 3rd of what DMC4 did? I think it was a 3rd. hahaha I got 1 submission total and its about how poor that game did. I'm butthurt fanboy cause I loved the series and hated what they did to it.

click on my profile to see the article if you guys wanna see it, it was a while ago and I can't post a link from my phone. it was a pretty bad sales outcome. its just more positively reinforced PR which tells me they're probably gonna make another Devil May Cry game. please just no NT this time. worst......decision.....EVER
DangerousDAN  +   1007d ago
Solid sales and "lower-than-expected" ; sales are two different things.

Capcom's become unbelievably greedy these days, so they set themselves up to sell a ridiculous amount (as they did with RE6) without thinking of what the market's like, or their current reputation for that matter.

With a game that received so much unfair bad-mouthing, they should've been a little more modest with their sales expectations.

And it's funny that everyone was complaining about the game losing its Japanese feel and was turned to a western game, yet people in Japan are the ones enjoying the game more than anyone (the leaderboards are filled with Japanese dudes). I don't know what to make of that...
DragonKnight  +   1007d ago
Yes, one's PR talk and one's not.

The main point is, how can anyone consider 1 million sales across 3 platforms for what Capcom tried to brand as a Devil May Cry reboot to be "solid" when the 2 worst games in the series prior to DmC sold more with one being on 1 platform and the other being on 2 at the beginning of a console generation?

It's PR double talk.
RazMaTaz0121  +   1007d ago
Capcom are so full of $#!*

1) Sales are less than DMC4 by a long stretch

2) game sales were revised twice

3) Capcom WISHED and EXPECTED this game to sell 5 million based of DMC4 selling 2.5m and hopefully doubling up on the figure

4) Capcom blames excessive outsourcing for piss poor sales and quality of games, puts numerous games on hold/cancelled, and wants to shift games back into in house development.

5) Game has been critically hated by the DMC fanbase, and the sales prove that alone.

6) Westernisation is NOT THE ANSWER!

While I appreciate Ninja Theorys effort, Capcom is living in a fairy tale land if they believe this game sold solidly. Previous DMC sales will prove that this game sold awfully, and had we had DMC5 with inhouse production from the correct people, that number would have been 2x or 3x more then what DmC has produced in sales.

This game must have been stupidly cheap to make if Capcom claims the game sold solidly, or Capcom is just smoking some seriously strong weed...
adorie  +   1007d ago
Gimme somma dat Mega Man weed, plz, Capcom.
Brucis  +   1007d ago
Just give me more Monster Hunter and another Dragon's Dogma Capcom. MH seems to be one of the few series you haven't fucked with and Dragon's Dogma, along with the expansion, was surprisingly good. Any future RE games should be like RE4 or RE: Revelations, not like RE5 or RE6. Hell, maybe even go back to RE1-3 style games, but updated slightly.
gantarat  +   1007d ago
jake is main Character in Re 7 .
Brucis  +   1007d ago
I'm not sure if you're making a joke or being serious. I'll bubble you up for funny just in case.
BigBoss1964  +   1007d ago
I see Capcom is lying to Investor's, DmC bombed and lowering sales projections several times to 1.2 million (shipped not sold) is not 'solid'
nick309  +   1007d ago
DmC is a good game.. But it has nothing to do with dmc, they shouldnt expect lots of sales when they go and shi*t on their customers wanting dmc 5 that looks better then this.
wishingW3L  +   1007d ago
DmC selling well? Darn you whoever are buying that piece of trash.
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yewles1  +   1007d ago
Heavenly Sword = 1.75 Mil on 1 platform.

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West = 1 Mil across 2 platforms.

DmC = 1.15 Mil across 3 platforms, WITH THE 'DEVIL MAY CRY' BRAND NAME ON IT!!!

I shouldn't have to say anything else...
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Unlimax  +   1007d ago
Have fun with your new ugly "Donte" Capcom because you are officially Doomed to fail in any of your famous products by ignoring your original precious fanbase over "your" stupid decisions !
#13 (Edited 1007d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Vigor  +   1007d ago
"solid sale" nice spin there capcom especially when they expected it to sell 5 million copies. Also DMC 4 sold more than twice that amount and they considered it a failure hence why this reboot was created.
#14 (Edited 1007d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
MilkMan  +   1007d ago
I'm not sure if you know this, but they are accrediting the WiiU as one of the reasons for economic growth in Japan.

Guess they are a winning team, Capcom and Nintendo.

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