Top 5 Video Game Characters That Make Smoking Cool

Smoking is bad, that's what all logic and medical research teaches us, but why is it when certain people or characters do it we can't help but think of them as "cool". Ruaidhri has the Top 5 Game Characters That Make Smoking Cool.

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VIBOX1660d ago

Love it, nice article!

Enemy1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

No character makes smoking look cool. It's the dumbest sh*t you could possibly have your character do in a game as I don't see how it contributes to anything. Even Kojima makes cigarettes damage Snake's health.

That said, Vanquish guy; pops a cigarette after demolishing hordes of bad guys and successfully looks like the biggest douche in gaming. God I miss that game.

@ below: I do wonder if Delsin will smoke in the game. Buying weed from a Reaper would be cool. Slow motion smoke dash all dayyy.

Irishguy951659d ago

You avatar has 'smoke' powers.

jony_dols1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

Everything seems to give you cancer...Seemingly harmless stuff like plastic containers, food coloring or weapons-grade plutonium.

A couple smokes might knock a few years off, but after a hit o' E, they go down like sprinkles on ice-cream!

InTheZoneAC1659d ago

cigarette smoking in vanquish and mgs made their main characters look cheesy as hell

Kevlar0091659d ago

The only reason I would ever smoke cigarettes is if I was a cowboy. Even then it would just be for show

Cigars are alright though

thecowsaysmoo1659d ago

Cigarettes are handy in certain situation. For example in mgs you can use cigarettes to detect infrared sensors and it gives you steady aim.