Official - Toshiba Quits HD DVD Business - '65 Billion Yen in Losses'

Last month, Toshiba acknowledged defeat in the battle to establish an industry standard for high-definition video. Toshiba said it will no make HD DVD players and recorders.

Toshiba lowered its earnings forecast for this fiscal year on Wednesday, blaming the reduction in part on 45 billion yen (US$460 million; euro290 million) in costs associated with pulling the plug on its HD DVD next-generation video business.

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TriggerHappy3923d ago

Poor Tosh. I think this war is probably their biggest mistake they have made in the tech world.

THWIP3923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )

Blu-Ray would still just be floundering against DVD, if not for the publicity of the "format war". Competition is necessary for ANY product to succeed. The fact that Blu-Ray is about to add interactive features, that HD-DVD had FROM DAY ONE, proves Toshiba was on the right track. They just didn't have the $$ Sony had to get industry support (MS was a silent partner, and carried no financial weight in the matter of industry support). It's just like a sporting event, like boxing, or football. When the game/event is over, do you say that the losing side made a "mistake" by competing? No...because without competition, there is no winner. Sony knows this more than they lost TWO format wars in the past.

Massacre3923d ago

You really dont like blu-ray that much do you ?

You might wanna get over the whole HD DVD loosing thing and move on rather than hating the format that consumers prefer.

meepmoopmeep3923d ago

don't feel bad for them. they own DVD and made billions off that already. time for someone new to cash in and sony deserves it for all the other formats they failed at.

Montrealien3923d ago

Crap happens, they took a loss on a tech they pushed and it failed. Sony understands this, so does Toshiba. How much money did Sony lose pushing all their failed fomrats?

Mini-Disc (1991)--custom disc format, and used ATRAC audio compression, which is proprietary.
Sony Dynamic Digital Sound (1993)--a competitor to the Dolby Digital 5.1 standard.
Multi-Media Compact Disc (1994)--Sony's proprietary format for high-density optical storage, developed in conjunction with Phillips. Negotiations merged this format and Toshiba's Super Density disc format into what would become DVD.
Music Clip (1999)--Sony's first digital player, used ATRAC audio compression.
HiFD (1998)--a competitor to Iomega's Zip drive.
Memory Stick (1998)--proprietary memory device as a competitor to SD and Flash memory.
Super Audio CD (1999)--an optical disc format with higher fidelity than the CD.
PSP (2004)--Uses Universal Media Disc (UMD) media, a proprietary media format.

Blu Ray is the only option now for HD disc, and that is that. You win some, you lose some.

bumnut3923d ago

i can't believe you got disagrees for what was a valid & sensible comment.

just shows that some people are fools and are not interested in anyone elses opinion.

they are probably just upset that you said sony has lost 2 format wars in the past.

and before anynone gets on my case, i own a 360 and ps3 so im not biased towards ms/xbox

Genesis53923d ago

Why did they spend all that money because everyone is saying that HD disc are only short term.They spent because they knew the format winner was in for a big winfall.DD is way down the line.

thehitman3923d ago

got disagrees because his logic is flawed. Yes competition is sometimes neccessary but what was dvd in competition with? It emerged as a better quality format and took its place as the next standard it didnt go throw any war like vhs-beta max or blue vs hd-dvd. Also blue ray is not at war with dvd. They are two seperate formats. DVD less space and no high definition quality which is going to be in extremely high demand in the upcoming years.

Montrealien3923d ago

Dvd was in competitions with VHS, it took it 10 years to over take the market...

butterfinger3923d ago

So Toshiba would not consider $666 million a mistake? I beg to differ. Maybe the format itself was not a mistake but there was definitely a series of mistakes or miscues that caused it to lose.

Merovee3923d ago (Edited 3922d ago )

Man you have a funny idea of what failure is....

Mini Disk - catch on with the mainstream nope.. used by hundreds of hire-able DJ's due to its compact nature and storage capacity, yup.. MADE money for Sony due to that small market segment alone.... sure did. If business is about making money how did it "fail" ?

MMCD - Made a merger with Toshiba possible the resulting format made millions for both companies, with out its advent DVD would not exist. Define that as a "failure" ? Really?

Super Audio CD - The only competeing format was DVD Audio which also bombed out, the format didn't fail the market for the product type simply did not exist. But I will give it to you...

Memory stick - Every person with a Sony digital camera, several versions of digital picture frames, Every PSP uses this format, not to mention a few other manufacturers use it (though, yes, less than CF by a ways) this format makes Sony a ton of cash annually? How is that a "failure" ?

PSP - It failed?, funny I heard a few million sold every year (roughly 30,000,000 total so far worldwide) along with games, UMD failed as a money maker for Movies sure, but every PSP game is on them as well, by that account GBA and DS is a failure for trying to market movies on their cartridges as well. Either way, again, Sony is raking in cash due to PSP and it's game sales, If thats failure, Then by god please let me fail.

Also, remember that although it did not catch on in the main stream in the U.S., the format won out in Japan, as well as hundreds of TV and movie studios still used Betamax due to it's higher quality, it also became the standard for news capture and in fact did not lose money.

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jinn3923d ago

its all Toshiba's fault not Microsoft's

Jinxstar3923d ago

How much is 65 bil yen?

decapitator3923d ago

About 666 Million US dollars.

Genesis53923d ago

About 244 quintillion Pesos

Jinxstar3923d ago

Thats a lot.... Sucks for them...

Sir Ken Kutaragi 33923d ago

...They should of listened to me SUCKERS!!! ;-D
+Micro$oft DID help them to.

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