Dissecting The Popularity And Hatred Of Call Of Duty

Jordan writes on Unigamesity: "Like it or not, Call of Duty is a force to be reckoned with. What started as a modest PC game has grown into a franchise that almost single-handedly brought video games to the forefront of our society. An activity that once was reserved for “nerds” and “geeks” is now for all, largely because of the success of Call of Duty 4. These days more than ever, though, gamers seem to be divided into two groups concerning the franchise – love it or hate it. With this generation of consoles coming to a close, it’s time we take a quick look at the games that defined the multiplayer of the generation for most."

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Jek_Porkins1959d ago

Well I like it because it's fast paced, fun and the community lasts a long time. When I first got into COD (COD2 Xbox 360), I didn't have a ton of money, COD games tend to last the full year, you always have a stellar and large community, and as a competitive gamer, it really is the only game that some of the other competitive gamer's will buy for the entire year.

The hate comes from it being popular, a lot of people hate on popular things, also it comes from the misguided who complain that it's the same game over and over again, despite the fact that the games are developed by different studios and are on two year development cycles, just like a ton of other games.

I think hate gets thrown on COD because so many other developers change their games to play like COD in order to reach mass market, but that isn't COD's fault, that is the developers fault for not going with their original vision.

So in the end, people hate on it, but it continues to do well, so are the haters the vocal minority? or are they just following along with the hate and then buying the games anyway? (hypocrisy).

StraightPath1959d ago

credits to eliteslaya

"omg cod is so stupid, its always like da same thing every year"
"yea dood, da graphix are so bad, bf4 looks so amazing"

Don't act like you were never that guy. I was that guy once. And if you really weren't that guy, then, well...

Anywho, Call of Duty is the victim of the single largest love/hate relationship in gaming. It's accused of not innovating. Not updating the visuals. Doing little in the creative department. Then it sells 30 million a year.

But you must understand:
What would you do if your game made billions annually?
What would you do if your game was a cultural phenomenon?

You know what makes Call of Duty so popular? Everything you love to nitpick at.

Why haven't we seen a jump in Call of Duty's visuals?
Because people like, scratch that, love the ultra-smooth 60 frame 1080p gameplay.

Why hasn't the gameplay changed in five years?
Because the gameplay already set the standard and raised the bar five years ago. And no one's found the next great formula for gameplay.

So I ask again, what would you do if you were sitting on top of the Activision throne of gold? Would you drastically change the formula and risk your fanbase? Would you sacrifice the 60 frame 1080p goodness for better visuals at sub-HD resolution and 30 frames, resulting in slower gameplay and controls?

Hell no!

It's not like Call of Duty was always the juggernaut, and simply, the thing.

Activision wasn't just gifted by the gods with the next gaming phenomenon. They took risks. In fact they took what was probably the single largest risk this gen. They took the risk of creating a modern FPS in a market dominated by WWII shooters.

And look at the payoff.

Do you really blame them for doing little to change it up? And you know what, little change isn't even that bad for the franchise. For the most part, people like the same exact gameplay. It keeps people coming back. The experience that people love is preserved, with a fresh new coat of paint.

Activision made a smart move in ignoring the outcry for change. And now it will pay off. COD: Ghosts is taking advantage of the next generation hardware. If the leaks are true(Which is likely, considering they've been accurate thus far), it seems even the gameplay will be spiced up(At long last!).

Everything that makes COD the juggernaut that it currently is will be present in the next generation. And on top of that, it will make use of the new hardware. It will be prettier than ever. It will be as smooth as ever. It will be as fun as ever, maybe even more so. The best Arcade FPS on the market isn't going to be dying any time soon. And you shouldn't be discouraged by that.

It will help get the new consoles in more hands, which isn't easy, especially at the beginning of a new gen. We need Call of Duty to take the wheel for a bit and sell us some consoles. There will be more players. And what happens when there's more players? They buy more games. It doesn't even matter if it's Call of Duty that racks in the dough. The industry will keep itself afloat as long as phenomenons like Call of Duty exist. It needs to make money in order to survive.

If you don't enjoy Call of Duty, then so be it. To each their own. I'm not even a regular COD gamer. But sometimes, you must look at the glass half-full for a change. Call of Duty ain't so bad. There's better things out there to get mad about, like Aliens: Colonial Marines & Sarah Palin.

funny thing is the games that the haters play i.e shooters or third person shooters etc are influenced by COD.

SnakeCQC1959d ago

thats the longest post ive EVER seen on n4g

Hueynewton20121959d ago

The COD community is juvenile and the game still runs on P2P connection. BO2 punishes players for having the funds to have really speed connection which made it unplayable for me. BF3 never lags, no host migration, server browser, more mature community and dlc thats actually worth the cost.

To me smart adult consumers don't purchased or spend many hours playing COD. Just my personal opinion.

GuyThatPlaysGames1959d ago

90% of the people that bitch about this game are the ones that just plain out suck at it. They are mad that kids, literally kids, are able to beat their asses at it. I still love the game. If you hate hearing the kids, that's why they have the mute option. Simple as that.

4lc4pon31959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

Very untrue the game is a non innovative rehashed crapfest of a game. It's a corny run n gun that takes absolutely no skill to learn.

Majin-vegeta1959d ago

Lol so i guess Timmy here likes it when you're in the middle of a gun fight and you drop half a clip into the enemy and get Host migrated.Yet the enemy doesn't die knowing damn well you pumped him full of lead and he kills you in 2 shots.Lol enjoy your crappy P2P connection.

Now if you'll excuse me i gotta go blow sh*t out of the air and watch my bullets register.

SnakeCQC1959d ago

i hate it because they recycle the old engine modern warfare 1 engine for all their games. Using one engine per gen is horrendous especially for the prices they ask for on steam and psn/ xbl. Battlefield give a new one each time and the gamplay and graphics is just amazing

TwistedMetal1959d ago

in order to keep this comment pg i will use a choice word starting with the letter of the bad word.


BozoLoco1959d ago

People hate CoD because it makes money and it dominates the industry.

It has nothing to do with the product itself.

It's just your typical anti-capitalist sentiment from entitled gamers that would rather pompous, over-rated POS games with commentary about morality. They can't accept that something so shallow dominates the industry.

T21958d ago

I disagree , I loved mw and mw2 and told everyone so.. I had a red tiger g3 that was my favoured gun ... I played ground war, s&d , deathm, anything... But over the years I just didnt enjoy paying for the same game over and over ... So to me it was inevitable a new game would come along with better servers, vehicles, etc.... That game happened to be bfbc2 ... But this post isnt about how great bf3 is im just stating a fact... Sick of lag and cod just got boring ... Dirtbikes!?... Please im never looking back

imXify1959d ago

I hate it because since MW2 they keep adding more and more bullsh*t every games and call it "innovation".

Forget multi for me, I just want a better coop mode for spec ops and things like that. You know, having real fun....

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