Star Wars: The Old Republic Monthly Revenue Doubles, Now Lots of People Playing

Hardcore Gamer: EA's president of labels, Frank Gibeau, announced today that, since making the jump to F2P, The Old Republic's monthly revenue has doubled. He also confirmed that the game saw huge growth, increasing by 1.7 million new players.

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godzookie1961d ago

great news, well deserved

JsonHenry1961d ago

I bought this game day one and loved it. Not enough end game content to keep my playing but the individual stories are a nice touch.

3-4-51961d ago

How is this as a F2P game ?

Is it even worth playing like that?

Jdoki1961d ago

I had a look at the F2P version, and quickly upgraded to a subscription once I hit Level 10.

The game is really nice - not as nice as the pre-NGE Star Wars Galaxies - but well worth a few months subscription.

jeffgoldwin1961d ago

Galaxies was horrible and had ridiculous flaws like with the jedi system and bad instances. For time it was fun, but then again for time 100 years ago, playing kick the can was entertaining.

Jdoki1961d ago

What! Galaxies was awesome! It did have huge flaws, no doubt about that - but the sense of being immersed in the Star Wars universe, creating a unique character, being part of a varied community, and the fun of going off exploring, was unparalleled.

The crafting and resource gathering systems have never been bettered. The fact that a player could dedicate enough time to crafting weapons that players would actively seek them out on the server to craft something with better stats has never been attempted in any other MMORPG's (from what I know).

It was so funny seeing all the crybabies moaning about how they couldn't become a Jedi. It takes balls for a dev to make something like that so exclusive.

If people approached Galaxies like Everquest or Wow then they would be disappointed. But those who saw it as a playground based on Star Wars got loads of good times out of it.

The big shame is that the devs tried something ridiculous with NGE and other huge patches that hurt the core of the game.

I like The Old Republic a lot, but it could be any MMORPG - it's a WoW cookie cutter clone. Galaxies was unique.

pompombrum1961d ago

Lol I love how the new age post WoW players hate on games like SWG. It was ahead of it's time and has infinite replay value because it done something all these casual theme park games can only dream of.

aliengmr1961d ago


Lets not forget its amazing space expansion.

Kamikaze1351961d ago

That's good. I thought it was always a decent just needed a lot less servers at launch. I'll have to go back to playing this till ARR launches :)

pompombrum1961d ago

The real question is will this extra revenue show in future content? Okay with Makeb came and gone, I can only hope they will invest some resources into continuing the things SWTOR is good at instead of just releasing paint jobs on existing armour already in the game.