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MMGN: The Walking Dead captures the essence of the comic books and transforms it into an interactive story, rather than a simple game. The Xbox 360 and PS3 disc release removes the infuriating waiting of the episodic launch, but comes with a few control and performance issues inherent to controllers and the aging hardware. The horror, action and suspense are all there with a rare foray into the almost forgotten point-and-click genre, but it's the character development and emotional attachment that makes The Walking Dead essential for any fan.

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Jyndal1964d ago

Bit late for a review of a game that took Spike TV's GOTY for 2012, wouldn't you say?

GrieverSoul1964d ago

My thoughts exactly!
Why review a game that released months ago??

Philoctetes1964d ago

Looking forward to your review of Mass Effect 2.